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When Love Was There is the third chapter of the Aquarion EVOL manga series.


Kagura got excited he was near Mikono and broke the cockpit of Aquarion and took her. Kagura got orders to retreat, but he didn't wanted to. Amata and the rest then acted fast and managed to get Mikono back. Cayenne blamed Amata for everything and that he abducted Mikono, but Amata explained he just wanted to protect her. As Mikono agreed and touched him, he got really excited and flew Aquarion Evol into space punching Kagura's machine and breaking it.

Amata later woke up and Cayenne came explaining he was in Neo-DEAVA holy academy and took him around and showed his new classroom. Amata asked where Mikono was and Cayenne explained that boys and girls are separated by a wall. Cayenne then questioned Amata for his relationship with Mikono, but Amata explained he met her yesterday. Cayenne further explained that Mikono was his sister and she never leaves their house as she was afraid and didn't not had element power. Amata told him that she is different now and he feels she wanted to change. Cayenne got annoyed and tried attacking him, but was stopped by Donar, who told Amata that his tests for his element power were coming as he was being taken as element candidate. As they performed various tests, they had to stop as eventually learned someone was stopping them from further reaching in his mind.

In the mean time, the girls were questioning Zessica Wong and they learned he had United with a boy and wondered what it was. Hearing it was good and it felt stronger, the girls started dreaming the wall to fall, but Mix came and started explaining they need the wall as the boys were dirty. One of the girls disagreed that Cayenne was dirty and Mix went to Mikono asking her if her brother was dirty and if he had dirty magazines, but Mikono told her she didn't knew as they didn't live together and that she wasn't a element user, so she wondered why she was there.

Later that evening, Amata was walking around the wall wanting to meet Mikono, but then feel into a hole in the ground.