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The Manifestation of Eternal Feeling is the fourth chapter of the Aquarion EVOL manga series.


Kagura came back into their headquarters Jin Muso told him he wrecked the Gnis and if he got something and Kagura explained he found his woman.

In the hole, Amata met Andy W. Hole, who explained he was digging the hole to reach the girls side using his element power. As he heard he may reach Mikono, he agreed to help him. They kept digging and eventually reached the other side, but to their surprise Mikono was staying right in front of them with her back turned and Amata saw her panties. As he got excited, he started to flew and hit his face on her butt and lifted her up, while Mikono was screaming of embarrassment.

On the next day, Amata, Cayenne and Andy had a simulation training and they had to unite into Aquarion, but Amata's spirit level was too low as he was feeling down for what happened last night. Andy then told him, everyone was currently watching, including the girls, Amata wanting to show something to Mikono, got mentally ready and they managed to Unite into Aquarion. To everyone's surprise, he did a dogeza apology for Mikono and the simulation shut down due to error of not recognizing what that move was.

In the enemy headquarters, Izumo Kamurogi was disappointed as the target they recovered as no good. He then appointed Jin to lead attacks on Vega so they to find better rare iguras. Jin agreed, noting that Kagura won't like it, but Izumo told him that due to his reckless actions their enemy now as Aquarion. A bit later, Kagura was the opened portal and realized Izumo had send out Jin. He then wondered if Mikage Towano would awaken soon.