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Pilgrim Child is the fifth chapter of the Aquarion EVOL manga series.


Suomi Konepi was speaking with Donar Dantes telling her that they didn't find any element power in Mikono Suzushiro. She then noticed Donar wasn't listening and kept saying nonsense and he was agreeing and when she mentioned the Tragedy of Aquarion, Donar got surprised. Suomi explained she looked into it and that Donar was involved and asked him about it, but he showed his metal hands saying that his hands would explain it better.

Mikono was preparing to leave the academy, but Zessica Wong came asking her if she accepted the apology of her boyfriend, but Mikono told her that wasn't concerning her. Zessica then told her goodbye, saying they will probably never meet again.

Amata was looking at the wall, thinking of Mikono, then he heard Andy W. Hole screaming behind him that his hole was filled it by element power, so he can't open it again. They heard piano music and Amata recognized it. Andy explained this was Shrade Elan, top number one student in the academy and they went to see him. Meeting him Amata asked if the music he heard during the simulation yesterday was him and Shrade confirmed. Cayenne Suzushiro then came annoyed at what Amata did yesterday on the simulation and Shrade told him he doesn't allow them to fight there and played a song that messed with Cayenne. Cayenne then tried attacking Shrade, but he blocked and dodged his attacks easily. Then they heard that Abductors had came into Neo-Kowloon and Amata, Andy and Cayenne were summoned to fight them.

As they fought the Abductors, they eventually got surrounded by them and they realized someone must have been controlling them. Jin Muso then was seen, preparing to get serious.