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Your Hand in Mine is the sixth chapter of the Aquarion EVOL manga series.


Amata and the rest kept fighting, trying to find the one controlling the abductors, but they eventually got tied and electrocuted. As Andy's spirit level was dropping, everyone at the headquarters were calling for an element change, but the commander wasn't saying anything. Then Zen Fudo called for element change Andy for Mikono. Donar didn't knew who he was and asked why was he giving orders, but then the commander bowed down saying this was the commander Zen Fudo. Fudo told Mikono to enter the Aquarion, but she told him she didn't had element power. He then explained that the boys only knew how to hurt themselves why trying to protect what they must. Hearing that she realized that both her brother Cayenne and Amata were getting hurt to protect her and she decided to enter Aquarion. As she came, she told Cayenne and Amata that she will protect them too and they Unified into Aquarion Evol. Shrade then played a music to awaken Cayenne's powers and he managed to find the one controlling the abducts Jin, on an asteroid in space. Using the power of Aquarion Evol, they launched a Mugen Punch destroying Jin's machine. But the punch kept going and returned to earth and destroyed the wall separating the boys and girls. Fudo then announced that while the wall is now gone, all love is forbidden.

At the same time, Mikage Towano awakened in front of Kagura Demuri.