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Lessons on Stopping Love is the seventh chapter of the Aquarion EVOL manga series.


Crea Dolosera, the director had returned to Neo-DEAVA and Suomi Konepi was telling the class that they will not be mixed boys and girls. Amata got excited he will be seeing Mikono each day, but a darts hit him.

In the mean time, Jin Muso was called by Izumo Kamurogi, who told him the readings indicated a rare igura was on the Aquarion. He then got notified that Kagura Demuri went to Vega with Misla Gnis and hearing from where the command came from, he realized that Mikage Towano had awakened.

The students were given a day trip at Neo-Kowloon and they were separated in groups and given a device that measure their readings and can electrocute them if they get excited. As the students were spending time together, they were getting electrocuted and at the headquarters Suomi mentioned that was pointless and foolish training. Crea then explained the Tragedy of Aquarion incident, where Donar Dantes's Aquarion went berserk as it detected he was in love with Nanaon and as result he was the only survivor. She explained that the Aquarion is getting more powerful by the pilot emotion, questioning Suomi if she knew which emotion that was. Suomi guessed hatred or jealousy, but Zen Fudo corrected her it was love, so they are training them to be on the edge of the love, so Aquarion to be in his most powerful state, but they to be able to stop it going berserk.