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Forbidden Meeting is the eighth chapter of the Aquarion EVOL manga series.


Izumo went to speak with Mikage, confirming he was awake. Mikage told him that on Aquarion there was a rare igura and that they would need her. Kagura was on Vega, smelling girls and saying they smell good, so he continued to search for the one that smells bad, Mikono.

Mikono was with Amata, who went to buy tickets. Zessica Wong told her it must be nice to have a boyfriend, but Mikono said he wasn't her boyfriend. Zessica then went to tease Amata and made him fly, telling him they should see the movies themselves. Seeing that Mikono got annoyed and left them, but Amata followed her. As he caught to her, they enjoyed the scenery and Amata told her his meeting with her must have been fate. But then Kagura arrived and took Mikono, saying she smelled bad and licked her hand, making her electrocuted by the device. Amata tried to attach him, but was taken down easily by Kagura. Shrade Elan then appeared and played a violin causing pain to Kagura. He tried attacking Shrade and eventually kicked away the violin and then Shrade kicked him off the roof. Kagura entered the Gnis, but was forced to return by Jin.