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Revelation is the ninth chapter of the Aquarion EVOL manga series.


Jin was speaking with Izumo, who was explaining that they were not trying to invade Vega, but seek the survival of their world Altair, as all the women have died and only men remain. They would need a rare igura that will survive the transfer to their world and not turn into something else. He left Jin in charge to look for the rare igura in the Aquarion, since they believe she could be the strongest. Jin wondered about Kagura, but Izumo told him he was imprisoned for the moment.

Mikono was thinking of Kagura, when Amata came. She asked him who he was and Amata explained he was the one that attacked them the other day. Mikono explained while she didn't knew him, she felt something nostalgic about him. Zessica then came and decided to mess with them again and flirted with Amata, annoying Mikono again. But in that moment, they received news of an attack and all three were dispatched to deal with it.

They started fighting Jin, but he blocked their Mugen Punch. Jin then used infeld bullets, practically targeting the pilots. Zessica suffered some cloth damage, but with her exposed skin now, she was able to feel the trajectory of the bullets. The three of them then proceeded to remove more clothes to expose their skin and feel better the incoming attacks and with Zessica leading they formed Aquarion Spada. They then launched a defenseless attack, defeating Jin. As they celebrated the win, they realized they had less clothes and got ashamed, and Zessica started to feel something for Amata.

Later Sazanka Bianca was selling revealing images of them in the Aquarion and Zessica brought one with Amata.