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This is the first volume of Aquarion EVOL manga series.

Volume Summary[]

Amata Sora was living and working in a theater, he was watching the "Skies of Aquaria". The owner told Amata he never gets tired of watching it and because of that he keeps playing it, although he doesn't know why he likes it that much. Amata explained that he was feeling something when watching it. He then told Amata to go and clean the seats and as Amata went, he saw a girl still in her seat watching and crying. As Amata spoke to her, he got startled and apologized and head out, but Amata asked her if she liked the movie. Although she said she didn't, she guessed Amata liked it, and introduced herself as Mikono Suzushiro, telling him that sometime he can tell her things about the movie.

Amata was preparing to go out with Mikono, adding extra weight to his shoes, knowing he floats when gets excited. They went out and talked a bit about the movie, but a stray cat startled Mikono and she got close to him. Amata started to get excited, but in that moment a creature came out of Mikono's hair and attacking Amata. Mikono explained this was Shushu and it was her cat she saved from Abductors. They went to eat some ice cream and enjoyed themselves, until Abductors appeared and started attacking the city. Kagura Demuri who had stolen a machine went to them, following Mikono's smell and tried taking her, but Neo-DEAVA Aquaria's came and attacked Kagura.

At the same time in the Neo-DEAVA headquarters, the leaders were observing the situation and realizing it was coming from another dimension.

The boys tried fighting Kagura, but were loosing, in that moment the girls piloting the F-Type models came to assist. Donar Dantes wondered if having girls and boys fighting together was a good idea, but the commander assured him the Guize Stone was protecting them. As they fought Kagura, he used a tornado attack slamming all the Aquaria's together. Upon touching each other, the pilots felt similar to a Union and some got ejected from the Vectors returning to headquarters.

Amata had protected Mikono from the debris of a statue, but now they were stuck under them. He removed some of his weights, apologized and hugged her to excite himself and started floating while holding Mikono. In that moment one of the freed Vectors came and let Amata and Mikono inside, hearing Fudo's voice, Amata knew what he need to do, activated a Union and transformed into Aquarion Evol, breaking the Guize Stone. Cayenne Suzushiro wondered if Amata was terrorist, while in the headquarters they were attempting to separate and eject them, but didn't had any control. Moments later Cayenne power activated showing the future, where they saw Mikono and Kagura together.

Kagura got excited he was near Mikono and broke the cockpit of Aquarion and took her. Kagura got orders to retreat, but he didn't want to. Amata and the rest then acted fast and managed to get Mikono back. Cayenne blamed Amata for everything and that he abducted Mikono, but Amata explained he just wanted to protect her. As Mikono agreed and touched him, he got really excited and flew Aquarion Evol into space punching Kagura's machine and breaking it.

Amata later woke up and Cayenne came explaining he was in Neo-DEAVA holy academy and took him around and showed his new classroom. Amata asked where Mikono was and Cayenne explained that boys and girls are separated by a wall. Cayenne then questioned Amata for his relationship with Mikono, but Amata explained he met her yesterday. Cayenne further explained that Mikono was his sister and she never leaves their house as she was afraid and didn't not had element power. Amata told him that she is different now and he feels she wanted to change. Cayenne got annoyed and tried attacking him, but was stopped by Donar, who told Amata that his tests for his element power were coming as he was being taken as element candidate. As they performed various tests, they had to stop as eventually learned someone was stopping them from further reaching in his mind.

In the mean time, the girls were questioning Zessica Wong and they learned he had United with a boy and wondered what it was. Hearing it was good and it felt stronger, the girls started dreaming the wall to fall, but Mix came and started explaining they need the wall as the boys were dirty. One of the girls disagreed that Cayenne was dirty and Mix went to Mikono asking her if her brother was dirty and if he had dirty magazines, but Mikono told her she didn't knew as they didn't live together and that she wasn't a element user, so she wondered why she was there.

Later that evening, Amata was walking around the wall wanting to meet Mikono, but then feel into a hole in the ground.

Kagura came back into their headquarters Jin Muso told him he wrecked the Gnis and if he got something and Kagura explained he found his woman.

In the hole, Amata met Andy W. Hole, who explained he was digging the hole to reach the girls side using his element power. As he heard he may reach Mikono, he agreed to help him. They kept digging and eventually reached the other side, but to their surprise Mikono was staying right in front of them with her back turned and Amata saw her panties. As he got excited, he started to flew and hit his face on her butt and lifted her up, while Mikono was screaming of embarrassment.

On the next day, Amata, Cayenne and Andy had a simulation training and they had to unite into Aquarion, but Amata's spirit level was too low as he was feeling down for what happened last night. Andy then told him, everyone was currently watching, including the girls, Amata wanting to show something to Mikono, got mentally ready and they managed to Unite into Aquarion. To everyone's surprise, he did a dogeza apology for Mikono and the simulation shut down due to error of not recognizing what that move was.

In the enemy headquarters, Izumo Kamurogi was disappointed as the target they recovered as no good. He then appointed Jin to lead attacks on Vega so they to find better rare iguras. Jin agreed, noting that Kagura won't like it, but Izumo told him that due to his reckless actions their enemy now as Aquarion. A bit later, Kagura was the opened portal and realized Izumo had send out Jin. He then wondered if Mikage Towano would awaken soon.