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This is the second volume of Aquarion EVOL manga series.

Volume Summary[]

Suomi Konepi was speaking with Donar Dantes telling her that they didn't find any element power in Mikono Suzushiro. She then noticed Donar wasn't listening and kept saying nonsense and he was agreeing and when she mentioned the Tragedy of Aquarion, Donar got surprised. Suomi explained she looked into it and that Donar was involved and asked him about it, but he showed his metal hands saying that his hands would explain it better.

Mikono was preparing to leave the academy, but Zessica Wong came asking her if she accepted the apology of her boyfriend, but Mikono told her that wasn't concerning her. Zessica then told her goodbye, saying they will probably never meet again.

Amata was looking at the wall, thinking of Mikono, then he heard Andy W. Hole screaming behind him that his hole was filled it by element power, so he can't open it again. They heard piano music and Amata recognized it. Andy explained this was Shrade Elan, top number one student in the academy and they went to see him. Meeting him Amata asked if the music he heard during the simulation yesterday was him and Shrade confirmed. Cayenne Suzushiro then came annoyed at what Amata did yesterday on the simulation and Shrade told him he doesn't allow them to fight there and played a song that messed with Cayenne. Cayenne then tried attacking Shrade, but he blocked and dodged his attacks easily. Then they heard that Abductors had came into Neo-Kowloon and Amata, Andy and Cayenne were summoned to fight them.

As they fought the Abductors, they eventually got surrounded by them and they realized someone must have been controlling them. Jin Muso then was seen, preparing to get serious.

Amata and the rest kept fighting, trying to find the one controlling the abductors, but they eventually got tied and electrocuted. As Andy's spirit level was dropping, everyone at the headquarters were calling for an element change, but the commander wasn't saying anything. Then Zen Fudo called for element change Andy for Mikono. Donar didn't knew who he was and asked why was he giving orders, but then the commander bowed down saying this was the commander Zen Fudo. Fudo told Mikono to enter the Aquarion, but she told him she didn't had element power. He then explained that the boys only knew how to hurt themselves why trying to protect what they must. Hearing that she realized that both her brother Cayenne and Amata were getting hurt to protect her and she decided to enter Aquarion. As she came, she told Cayenne and Amata that she will protect them too and they Unified into Aquarion Evol. Shrade then played a music to awaken Cayenne's powers and he managed to find the one controlling the abducts Jin, on an asteroid in space. Using the power of Aquarion Evol, they launched a Mugen Punch destroying Jin's machine. But the punch kept going and returned to earth and destroyed the wall separating the boys and girls. Fudo then announced that while the wall is now gone, all love is forbidden.

At the same time, Mikage Towano awakened in front of Kagura Demuri.

Crea Dolosera, the director had returned to Neo-DEAVA and Suomi Konepi was telling the class that they will not be mixed boys and girls. Amata got excited he will be seeing Mikono each day, but a darts hit him.

In the mean time, Jin Muso was called by Izumo Kamurogi, who told him the readings indicated a rare igura was on the Aquarion. He then got notified that Kagura Demuri went to Vega with Misla Gnis and hearing from where the command came from, he realized that Mikage Towano had awakened.

The students were given a day trip at Neo-Kowloon and they were separated in groups and given a device that measure their readings and can electrocute them if they get excited. As the students were spending time together, they were getting electrocuted and at the headquarters Suomi mentioned that was pointless and foolish training. Crea then explained the Tragedy of Aquarion incident, where Donar Dantes's Aquarion went berserk as it detected he was in love with Nanaon and as result he was the only survivor. She explained that the Aquarion is getting more powerful by the pilot emotion, questioning Suomi if she knew which emotion that was. Suomi guessed hatred or jealousy, but Zen Fudo corrected her it was love, so they are training them to be on the edge of the love, so Aquarion to be in his most powerful state, but they to be able to stop it going berserk.

Izumo went to speak with Mikage, confirming he was awake. Mikage told him that on Aquarion there was a rare igura and that they would need her. Kagura was on Vega, smelling girls and saying they smell good, so he continued to search for the one that smells bad, Mikono.

Mikono was with Amata, who went to buy tickets. Zessica Wong told her it must be nice to have a boyfriend, but Mikono said he wasn't her boyfriend. Zessica then went to tease Amata and made him fly, telling him they should see the movies themselves. Seeing that Mikono got annoyed and left them, but Amata followed her. As he caught to her, they enjoyed the scenery and Amata told her his meeting with her must have been fate. But then Kagura arrived and took Mikono, saying she smelled bad and licked her hand, making her electrocuted by the device. Amata tried to attach him, but was taken down easily by Kagura. Shrade Elan then appeared and played a violin causing pain to Kagura. He tried attacking Shrade and eventually kicked away the violin and then Shrade kicked him off the roof. Kagura entered the Gnis, but was forced to return by Jin.

Jin was speaking with Izumo, who was explaining that they were not trying to invade Vega, but seek the survival of their world Altair, as all the women have died and only men remain. They would need a rare igura that will survive the transfer to their world and not turn into something else. He left Jin in charge to look for the rare igura in the Aquarion, since they believe she could be the strongest. Jin wondered about Kagura, but Izumo told him he was imprisoned for the moment.

Mikono was thinking of Kagura, when Amata came. She asked him who he was and Amata explained he was the one that attacked them the other day. Mikono explained while she didn't knew him, she felt something nostalgic about him. Zessica then came and decided to mess with them again and flirted with Amata, annoying Mikono again. But in that moment, they received news of an attack and all three were dispatched to deal with it.

They started fighting Jin, but he blocked their Mugen Punch. Jin then used infeld bullets, practically targeting the pilots. Zessica suffered some cloth damage, but with her exposed skin now, she was able to feel the trajectory of the bullets. The three of them then proceeded to remove more clothes to expose their skin and feel better the incoming attacks and with Zessica leading they formed Aquarion Spada. They then launched a defenseless attack, defeating Jin. As they celebrated the win, they realized they had less clothes and got ashamed, and Zessica started to feel something for Amata.

Later Sazanka Bianca was selling revealing images of them in the Aquarion and Zessica brought one with Amata.