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This is the third volume of Aquarion EVOL manga series.

Volume Summary[]

Andy W. Hole made up a story about the frog stuffed animal they see. He told the students it belonged to a transfer girl, who was really shy and when students tried to talk to her, seeing her watering eyes they would leave her along and eventually they started avoiding her. And one day she disappeared, stopping coming to class, but her stuffed animal kept appearing. Zessica Wong didn't wanted to believe it, but as other students comented they heard stories about it too, she got a little scared.

Later that night, Amata Sora was mopping the floor and Zessica was waiting for him to finish, to ask him to go home together. As they did, the stuffed animal appeared, someone singing was heard and the stuffed animal moved. Seeing that Amata started to fly a little and Zessica grabbed him and ran at full speed outside. As they fell on the ground, they were seen by Mikono Suzushiro, who misunderstood their situation and left.

On the next day, Zessica and Amata were telling how they saw the "green cat" move in the hallway. Students weren't really believing them, but Mix asked them what where they doing there. Zessica told Amata to not reveal she was scared and as Amata didn't know what else to say, Mikono told everyone that she saw them on top of each other with Zessica telling Amata to not leave her. Amata was trying to explain that wasn't what happened, but Zessica didn't deny it. In that moment, an attack occurred.

Amata, Zessica and Cayenne went to form Aquarion and fight the enemy Jin, but he was using Radius Gnis, shooting them from large distances. As they were not able to pinpoint the enemy attack and avoid or block his attacks, Zessica spirit level was dropping and the Unification would have broken. Zen Fudo then called for an element change, replacing Zessica with Yunoha Thrul. All the students wondered who that was and the stuffed green animal appeared on Aquarion. Yunoha then apologized that because of her Mikono misunderstood Amata and they called for an Unity forming Aquarion Evol with Yunoha becoming visible to everyone. As she got ashamed to be seen, she used her power and made the whole Aquarion invisible and the attacks went though him. Using this new power, they managed to reach Jin and defeat him.

After the battle, Amata introduced Yunoha to the rest, saying that it was filled with the spirit of the dead girl, but Suoumi explained Yunoha was an element user like the rest and she was alive. Yunoha then revealed her and that surprised Amata, who started to fly and Zessica and Mikono commented he will fly for anyone, making Yunoha a bit happy.

Jin Muso was introduced in class as a new transfer student under a fake name. He was given a mission by Izumo Kamurogi telling him to infiltrate the Neo-DEAVA steal part of the angel and find the strongest rare igura. As he was attractive the girls surrounded him and started asking him questions. He ran away but outside of the classroom, two more girls talked to him and he tried to observe, but that creeped the girls out and they left. Cayenne Suzushiro then came telling him he will show him around and then he walked him around school.

Later he observed Andy W. Hole digging a hole and Mix using her power to make him get stuck and not remove his hands. Seeing that he got a little scared of rare iguras. A bit later he saw Suomi Konepi talking to Donar Dantes that they must not allow students to fall in love and as she pulled, she took off his arm. Seeing that, Jin got shocked that she ripped off his arm and got even more scared of rare iguras. He then saw girls fighting for who to get the last dessert and ran away hiding in a room. Moments later, Zessica Wong found him and hit him with a shoe for peeking on the girls. But Yunoha Thrul explained that he was likely there before they came and she also had mixed boys and girls dressing rooms.

As he walked away from the girls, he was feeling really shocked of the girls power and then met Andy and Amata. They introduced themselves, but as they couldn't call him name, they decided to call him Jin, which in reality was his real name too. But he just went to sleep ignoring them.

Amata and Mikono went to sit with Yunoha while eating, they wondered what was wrong with Jin as he didn't seem very social and Yunoha told them he reminds her of herself, as when she transferred people talked to her, but she was shy and in time, they stopped approaching her and talking to her.

Shrade went to speak with Cayenne, who had a vision of a one-eyed giant. Shrade explained a noise had entered the school few days ago and Cayenne realized that Jin was the giant he had a vision about.

Jin was trying to study the rare iguras, but without any success, in the library he met Yunoha. As she turned invisible, he was impressed and though she can be alone when she wants, but Yunoha explained she didn't wanted to be alone and cried before leaving. Jin went back in his room, where he accessed Yunoha's data and learned about her ability, realizing she defeated him the other day. As he spoke with Izumo, he told him to take the weird rare igura and return. Andy then invited him and Amata to go dig some holes and Jin agreed. In reality Jin went to look for Yunoha, wanting to speak with her and as he climbed up to her room, Cayenne came shooting at him. He started questioning Jin why he was there and tried shooting one more time, but as Yunoha tried to stand in front of him to protect him, Jin created a barrier blocking the shot. A bit later, they released Jin and Yunoha dressed her stuffed toy as Sylvie, but Jin seemed unimpressed.

Donar was trying to speak with Crea that Jin was an imposter, but both Crea and Zen were fine with it, as he passed their exam, meaning he had a place there.

Mikage approached Izumo, who was wondering about the similarities with Alicia Sora. Mikage explained that Alicia was chosen to be their new Eve, but before leaving Vega she gave birth and as she arrived on Altair she felt into slumber. As she was useless now, she attempted to kill her, but Izumo got angry yelling him to leave her. Mikage then went to Kagura, teasing him with the memories of Apollonius and Sylvie. Kagura then transformed into a wolf, escaping and biting Mikage on the neck, but then left.

The academy anniversary was coming and there were preparations for that day. Andy decided to invite the girls in they room and Amata ended up asking Zessica to come to. Andy spoke with Jin about the party, but he wasn't interested until Andy mentioned the girls will be coming. Later that night, the girls sneaked through one of the holes he made. As they went out, they say Cayenne and Shrade speaking in front of the hole and they decided to go with them. When they went to the boys room, Andy was surprised Cayenne and Shrade came too and tried to explain they were just trying to come up with a plan for tomorrow. Zessica started looking around as she heard from Mix that boys keep dirty magazines. She ended finding a picture under Amata's bed which was of Sylvie. He explained he was a fan and Yunoha remembered that Jin also had a device that was playing Sylvie's song and they asked him to play it. Hearing the song, they decided to play Skies of Aquaria movie on the anniversary event.

Yunoha invited Jin to go see the movie together as a date and he agreed. As he left, he forgot his device on the bench and Yunoha decided to take it to give it to him, but heard Izumo speaking from it, warning Jin that Kagura was going and he needed to grab the rare igura, before Kagura destroys everything.

During the ceremony, Kagura came and started attacking Neo-DEAVA. Seeing him, Jin wondered why he was there and then Yunoha gave him the device saying she heard his transmission. Having no other choice, Jin decided to take her with him.

They tried fighting Jin, but he was much stronger than before. The headquarters then noticed a vector leaving with Jin and Yunoha inside. Jin explained he was an enemy and what was his mission, but hearing that Jin wasn't considering her a friend, made Yunoha cry and ask him to not do it. Jin then decided to help them, but then Mikage showed on his vector saying the price of betrayal won't be cheap leaving a mark on his forehead. Jin and Yunoha then activated Union with Andy and Cayenne, and with the new Aquarion they closed the dimensional portal and Amata was able to defeat Kagura. In that moment, Mikage activated his attack and pierced Jin's forehead. Yunoha was happy they won, but then saw Jin's condition. She told him that he helped everyone. Moment before dying, Jin told Yunoha, she was his special miracle that gave him strength.