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Aquarion Gepard (アクエリオンゲパルト, Akuerion Geparuto) is one of the basic Aquarion trinity forms featured in Aquarion EVOL. Its primary pilot is Cayenne Suzushiro.


Aquarion Gepard is the result of the combination of the Vectors where Vector X forms the head. Gepard is focused superiorly on offense and defense being heavily armed with missiles and armor. Due to battles being mostly gun fights and this formation requires the least amount of focus and energy to use, it is the most-used formation.


Elemental Attacks

  • DOGEZA orz (平身()()頭覇(), Dogeza): Aquarion flies into the sky and surrounds itself in flames before plummeting to the ground, ending up on a prostrating position in an allusion to the Japanese "orz" emoticon. Having little practical use in combat, Amata performed this move during a training exercise as an apology to Mikono who was angry with him at the time.
  • Dimension Shutting Cannon (空間断絶砲, Kuukan Danzetsu Hou): Assuming a four-legged configuration similar to Genesis of Aquarion's Assault Type Aquarion's Armageddon Formation to perform this attack, incorporating Jin's power of isolation to close the portal between Vega and Altair.
  • Curse of Malloy (脆弱力, Zeijakuryoku): Incorporates Malloy's power of fragility to collapse all structures used as cover by its opponent.
  • Humicane from Rotten Girl (腐食力, Fushokuryoku): Incorporates Sazanka's corroding power to rust metal.
  • Bye-Bye Missiles (倍々増殖誘導弾(バイバイ・ミサイル), Bai-Bai Misairu): Materializes a multitude of missile launchers to fire a huge barrage on enemies.
  • Contrary Twister (超捻転, Kontorarī Tsuisutā): By combining Zessica's distortion power with Malloy's eroding power, it unleashes a tornado on the enemy.
  • Tunnel Bullet (次元隧道弾, Tonneru Baretto): Assume the same four-legged configuration used to fire the Dimension Shutting Cannon, this time incorporating Andy's power to create a dimensional hole opening a path from Vega to Altair.




  • It most resembles the original series' Aquarion Omega formation.