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"創声合体、叫べ!, アクエリオン!!
Genesis Merge, Now Shout! Aquarion!!
―Akira and Maia[src]

Aquarion Kou (アクエリオン・煌) is the primary form of Aquarions featured in Aquarion LOGOS.


The first Aquarion combination with Vector 01 forming the upper body and Vector 02 as the lower, as thus the most balanced of its future forms.

This form is eventually succeeded by Aquarion San after the Vector 01 was destroyed in Episode 17.

Verbalism Attacks[]

  • Infinity Punch (無限拳, Mugen Pancchi): The traditional signature move of all primary Aquarion forms. Incorporated from rearranging the following kanji: radicals using "限" from Mai's "銀" and Akira's "陽". Debuted in Episode 1.
    • 無: The radical from Mai's "舞"
    • 限: The radical from Mai's "銀"
    • 拳: Formed from the radicals "巻" from the Maki M.J.B.K borrowed by Akira's "手" verbal force.

Kanji Combinations[]

  • Shine (, Akira): Incorporating the name radicals using "日" from Akira's "陽" and from Maia's "月", the attack was used to purify the Illness M.J.B.K. Debuted in Episode 2.