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Aquarion Logos (アクエリオン・ロゴス, Akuerion rogosu) is an anime series produced by Satelight, and it is the third series in the Aquarion franchise, after Genesis of Aquarion and Aquarion EVOL. It was created to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the original series "Genesis of Aquarion."

The 26-episode series is directed by Hidekazu Sato and written by Jun Kumagai. It aired featuring an OVA which contained a crossover between Aquarion EVOL and Genesis of Aquarion.

This series follows an entirely new storyline, unrelated to the previous series in the franchise. The anime is being streamed by FUNimation Entertainment.


Once upon a time, human voices had defined the true nature of all things, yet the invention of text changed the status quo, while creating a "Logos World" between the voice and the truth. Millennia have passed since then, where advancements of civilization have made the "Logos World" too big to control "texts." A group of young people dedicate themselves to counter the chaotic "texts" with their "Creative Voice Power" (創声力 souseiryoku; lit. Power over Verbal Origins).


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Akira Kaibuki[]

The main protagonist of the anime series. He considers himself to be "The Savior" of mankind. As if to accompany his claim, he holds a tremendous amount of Creative Voice Power and is truly able to command powerful moments.

Maia Tsukigane[]

The female protagonist who works under the main antagonist of the series, Sougon Kenzaki. Currently, she works as a spy under Sougon in order to eventually sabotage the efforts of those who use the Creative Voice Power. Yet, she has created an attachment to the outer world, especially Akira, as she finds out that Sougon deeds are not bringing peace as he claims to be doing.

Kokone Kikogami[]

She is the second female protagonist of the series. She wants to be an actress, but her timid stuttering hinders her confidence and capability to project her voice. She has feelings for the main protagonist, thus she envies Maia's position which seems close to him.

Tsutomu Domon[]

A bright and funky high schooler who dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian. He pursues such a talent, when his family is famed for traditional comedy acts, so that he can show a new and original art to the world. Not liking the complicated stuff, he prefers trying to pick up beautiful girls on the street.

Karan Uminagi[]

A little girl who joins the team under the pretense of becoming "The World-Saving Idol." Although she shows a cheerful expression in front of the camera, she hides the truth that she has her own dream, only being an idol because of her loving but pressing mother.

Hayato Kujou[]

A university student who exemplifies maturity among the team. Aspiring to be a lawyer who uses the strength of words to drive his verdicts, Hayato detests Akira's personality of "I'm a savior". But at the same time, he respects the existence of such an unreasonable person.

Subete Kenzaki[]

Son of Sougon Kenzaki, following his father's way of supporting the chaotic "text." Originally partnered with Maia to protect the chaotic "text," once Maia is assigned as a spy, Subete grows out of his unsure shell in order to do better of what he wasn't able to do before. But upon doing so, he digs deeper into the depths of evil, all just to selfishly get Maia back...


The opening is "Yamaidare Darlin'" (ヤマイダレdarlin'), composed by Yoko Kanno (who has helped compose songs for the all the series in the franchise) and sung by May'n. The ending is "Je Je t'aime Communication" (ジュ・ジュテーム・コミュニケーション), sung by Haruka Chisuga.

The second opening theme is "Yoake no Logos" (夜明けのロゴス; The Logos of Dawn) by May'n, and the second ending theme is "Hontō no Koe wo Anata ni Azuketakute" (本当の声をあなたに預けたくて; I Want to Entrust My True Voice to You) by May'n & Haruka Chisuga.


  • Sōsei, literally the "voice of creation," is a newly coined term, and it is different from the "Sōsei" (Genesis) in the Japanese title of the first anime.

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