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"Reach Them! My True Voice" (届け! 本当の声, Todoke! Hontō no koe) is the tenth episode of Aquarion LOGOS.


Ever since she saw a live stage drama, Kokone loved stage acting, and embraced it as her dream. However, at times, she feels that her passion is nothing but admiration. Now, Cafe SHIROBACO has been able to make a catch in acting out a live stage drama, "Hanako and Princess Kaguya", instead of their usual skits; this is a chance for the Verbalism Club to show their improvements. But after a short bicker about the casting, Kokone braves herself to take the lead role of Hanako, feeling unfulfilled with only being a singer for the act. But, will she be able to brave for what beholds her..?!


"Since the first time I ever saw a play... I always just... I've just yearned to do that."