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Aquarion Luna (アクエリオンルナ, Akuerion Runa) is one of the main Aquarion forms featured in Genesis of Aquarion. Its main pilots are Silvia de Alisia, Reika Kou or Tsugumi Rosenmeier.


Corresponds to Vector Luna as the head, Vector Mars as the back, and Vector Sol as the legs. It specializes in ranged combat, with the ability to wield a bow and arrows, or as another form to partake in melee situations, given the Aquarion Luna's agile movement and reflexes. It too can manifest a set of wings on its back.


The Aquarion Luna formation was first utilized when fighting a Cherubim Soldier in the first episode, with Reika Kou, Sirius de Alisia and Glen Anderson at the controls. The battle was initially in Aquarion's favor, with Reika dealing a damaging blow to the Cherubim with the Shouryuu Tenrai attack. Unfortunately, Reika was overwhelemed with the spirits of the captured people emerging from a Legendary Beast, allowing the Beast to overpower Luna, cancelling the combination while also knocking out Reika and Glen.


  • Beam Cannon (ビーム砲 | Beam-Hou)

Common equipment of all 3 Aquarion forms, 2 beam cannons are mounted on the nosecone sections of each Vector Machine. With Aquarion Luna, the Beam Cannons are mounted on the forearms.

  • Kouha Shuriken (光波手裏剣 | Lightwave Shuriken)

Small energy disks generated and thrown from Aquarion Luna's hands.

  • Tenkuuken - Shouryuu Tenrai (天空拳・昇竜天雷 | Heavenly Fist - Soaring Dragon Thunder)

An attack exclusive to Reika. Spreading Vector Sol's binders, Aquarion Luna spins around at a high speed before delivering an electric-charged roundhouse kick. In the anime, the attack is translated as Dragon Thunder.

  • Lunatic Archery (ルナティックアーチェリー)

Aquarion Luna's large forearm section can open up to form a bow.

  • Spiral Arrow (スパイラル・アロー)
Through combining the elements of Heart, Body and Soul, Aquarion Luna can unleash the Spiral Arrow from the Lunatic Archery.
  • Long Range Arrow (ロングレンジアロー)
With Silvia initiating the attack and Sirius doing the targeting, Aquarion Luna can unleash the Long Range Arrow, which can reach to incredible lengths with precision.
  • Moonsault Attack (ムーンサルトアタック)
In the anime, Aquarion Luna fires a Spiral Arrow at the water reflection of the Moon in the Dream World, allowing the Arrow to pass through the border of dreams and reality, followed by numerous other arrows raining down from the Moon above, destroying the Mythical Beast Titania along with her multiple Dream Clones. When reproduced in various games such as Super Robot Wars Z, Aquarion Luna shoots a Spiral Arrow at the Moon above followed by numerous arrows raining down.
  • Kujiki Bakuretsu Ya (求食爆裂矢 | Hunger Bursting Arrow)
Silvia, Reika and Tsugumi, no longer capable of upholding their diet, unleashes their hunger with this arrow, which shrinks down to minuscular scale and destroys the food-consuming microscopic Mythical Beast.
(Unfortunately, the blast resulting from the Arrow blew much of the microscopic Beasts onto Aquarion, who began to devour the mecha and its pilots. Rena however saved the day at the nick of time with her Earth Song, allowing for the life force of Earth to consume the Mythical Beasts as food, revive Aquarion and produce numerous fruit-bearing trees, therefore reversing the damage done by the Mythical Beasts.)
  • Gyaku Nensha Bakuha (逆念写爆破 | Reverse Thoughtography Blast)

An attack exclusive to Jun Lee and Tsugumi Rosenmeier. Aquarion Luna approaches the enemy up close before Jun utilizes his Thoughtography Vision to uncover the enemy's weak point, followed by Tsugumi directing her explosive excitement sensitivity at the spot. In the anime, it is translated as Psycography Bomb. The attack is also usable with all of the other Aquarion variations aside from Solar Aquarion and Aquarion Alpha, as long as Jun and Tsugumi are onboard.