Corresponds as Vector Mars as th head, Vector Sol as the wings, and Vector Luna as the legs. It does have wings but unlike Aquarion Luna or Solar Aquarion , it cannot manifest its wings or De-manifest the wings do to the fact of its height. This unit specializes in swordplay combat and high levels of speed. It is mainly used by Pierre and Sirius.

Cherubim Mars

After allying with the Shadow Angels and taking the Vector Mars with him, Sirius uses a Cherubim Soldier in place of the other two Vectors. The Cherubim Mars acts the same as the Aquarion Mars, but if its Cherubim Soldier body is destroyed, another Cherubim can take its place.

Aquarion Omega

Corresponds with Vector Omega as the head, Vector Alpha as the back, and Vector Delta as the legs. It is the equivalent of the Aquarion Mars. Using a pair of machine guns, this form is only featured once and can transform into the Armageddon Formation without the need to separate the Vectors and reuniting.
Aquarion O
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