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Aquarion Mars (アクエリオンマーズ, Sōrā Akuerion) is one of the main Aquarion forms featured in Genesis of Aquarion. Its main pilots are Pierre Vieira and Sirius de Alisia.


Corresponds as Vector Mars as the head, Vector Sol as the wings, and Vector Luna as the legs. It does have wings but unlike Aquarion Luna or Solar Aquarion, it cannot manifest its wings or De-manifest the wings do to the fact of its height. This unit specializes in swordplay combat and high levels of speed.


Armaments & Attacks[]

  • Beam Cannon (ビーム砲 | Beam-Hou)

Common equipment of all 3 Aquarion forms, 2 beam cannons are mounted on the nosecone sections of each Vector Machine. With Aquarion Mars, the Beam Cannons are mounted on the shoulders.

  • Seikuuken (星空剣 | Starry Sky Sword)

Aquarion Mars' main weapon, a long sword generated from the hand.

  • Fire Saber (ファイヤーセイバー)
With Sirius and Pierre at the helm, the Seikuuken is generated within a burst of flame from Aquarion Mars' chest, now known as the Fire Saber.
  • Trinity Saber (トリニティセイバー)
With Sirius, Silvia and Apollo at the helm, the Seikuuken is known as the Trinity Saber. The sword's blade now has a red tint. This version is also capable of initiating the Long Range Saber attack.
  • Long Range Saber (ロングレンジセイバー)
Concentrating his Aura, Sirius extends the Trinity Saber's blade to great lengths to strike down the enemy.
  • Fire Kick (ファイヤーキック)

Pierre-exlusive attack, utilizing his soccer skills. With its long legs, Aquarion Mars activates its leg thrusters and gathers energy at the talus before delivering a powerful kick.

  • Shakunetsu no Fire Goal (烈火爆裂蹴(灼熱のファイヤーゴール) | Scorching Fire Goal)
Pierre synchronizes his Flame Element with that of Apollo's, allowing him to unleash a fiery flaming ball from Mars' leg. The ball is capable of travelling underground and strike enemies hidden there. In the anime, it is written in kanji as 烈火爆裂蹴 (Rekka Bakuretsu Shuu | Flaming Bursting Kick) and translated as Flaming Kick.
  • Eisei Kidou Renshuu (衛星軌道連蹴 | Satellite Orbit Continuous Kick)
Pierre, fueled by his desire to protect his family at San Jose, devised this technique to defeat one of the Kumbha and Nikumbha Mystical Beasts. Aquarion Mars literally runs on the atmosphere and dribbles the enemy all the way out to satellite orbit, before sending them flying with a final kick.
  • Shitsuren Attack (失恋速攻(失恋アタック) | Heartbreaker Attack)
Having finally overcome his grief of seeing his first love Esperanza marrying his cousin Lopez, Pierre regains his willpower after losing consciousness from the fall succeeding his Eisei Renshuu attack. Aquarion Mars uses one of the Kumbha and Nikumbha Mystical Beasts as a trampoline before kicking said Beast into the other. In the anime, it is written in kanji as 失恋速攻 (Shitsuren Sokkou | Heartbreaker Haste) and translated as Heart Breaker.
  • Namida no Gyakuten Goal (涙の逆転ゴール | Reverse Goal of Tears)
A maneuver following up from Shitsuren Attack. Aquarion Mars lands on its arms and does an upside-down helicopter kick, destroying both Kumbha and Nikumbha at the same time.
  • Zelotupia Gladius (嫉妬変性剣(ゼーロテュピアーグラディウス) | Jealousy Sword)

Through the clashing jealousy of Aquarion's pilots, a storm of Emotional Aura is formed. The storm allows Aquarion Mars to rotate at a high speed like a tornado, as it closes in on the enemy and slices them apart with the Seikuuken. "Zelotupia" (ζηλοτυπία) means jealousy in Greek while "Gladius" means sword in Latin. In the anime, it is written in kanji as 嫉妬変性剣 (Shitto Hensei Ken | Jealousy Denaturing Sword) and translated as Jealousy Sword.

  • Fukou no Donzoko (不幸最低拳(不幸のどん底) | Bottom of Misfortune)

Reika-exclusive attack. Reika channels all of her misfortune and sadness as Aquarion delivers a piercing punch. Used to break out from within the lake-bound Mythical Beast, along with rescuing the people trapped inside it. In the anime, it is written in kanji as 不幸最低拳 (Fukou Saitei Ken | Misfortune Bottom Fist) and translated as Unlucky Bottom Attack.

  • Shinga Tannin Ken (真我探人剣 | Searcher-For-True-Self Sword)

Sirius, after acknowledging his true identity as being himself, delivers a vertical slash with Aquarion Mars' Seikuuken, destroying the Mythical Beast who transformed the world surrounding them into a hideous form. In the anime, it is translated as Find My True Identity.

Cherubim Mars[]

After allying with the Shadow Angels and taking the Vector Mars with him, Sirius uses a Cherubim Soldier in place of the other two Vectors. The Cherubim Mars acts the same as the Aquarion Mars, but if its Cherubim Soldier body is destroyed, another Cherubim can take its place.