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Corresponds with Vector Delta as the head, Vector Omega as the back, and Vector Alpha as the legs. It is the equivalent of the Aquarion Mars. Using a pair of machine guns, this form specializes in high-speed combat and can transform into the Armageddon Formation without the need to separate the Vectors and reuniting.

Armaments & Attacks[]

  • Saisoku Omega (最速オメガ | Fastest Omega)

An attack initiated by an Aquarion Omega piloted by Pierre Vieira, Jun Lee and Tsugumi Rosenmeier in the OVA Aquarion world. After Pierre impales himself with the Angel feather that Toma implanted on Reika Kou so that he can bypass said Shadow Angel's feathery protective field, Aquarion Omega transforms into an aircraft-like form before speeding towards Toma's Cherubim Soldier, successfully breaching through the barrier in the process.

(As Omega was about to deliver the finisher with a point-black PSG Cannon blast, Shadow Angel Otoha stepped in the way with her Cherubim Soldier, distancing the Aquarion from her beloved one. She then trapped herself and Aquarion Omega inside a protective barrier as the overloaded PSG Cannon goes off, destroying both the Cherubim Soldier and the Aquarion, with their pilots perishing in the blast.)