Genesis Aquarion

Gold Aquarion
Genesis Aquarion was never really used by the humans 12,000 years later, but was seen in flashbacks by Apollo and Silvia. It seems to have all the powers of the other Aquarion forms while in this mode. Also it seems to leave a trail of red feathers, like the ones from the Alicia family. Apollo, Sirius, and Toma use genesis Aquarion to save the tree of life at the end of Aquarion.

Aquarion SoLuna

After the Solar Aquarion's arms were destroyed and separated, Reika, Tsugumi and Pierre united to form this Aquarion. Essentially it is Solar Aquarion, it uses the Vector Luna as the head, but flipped forward, becoming the torso on top of the Vector Sol, making a leg/stomach/head formation. It is assumed this is the tallest of Aquarion's forms due to its configuration.

Aquarion Angel

When Vector Mars was Stolen, Apollo, Tsugumi, Reika and even Silvia united to form an Aquarion out of the Vector Sol, Vector Luna and a Military Vector Omega, respectively, with the Vector Omega taking the position of head, the Vector Sol as the back, and the Vector Luna as the legs. It is assumed this form retains all of the Aquarion Mars' abilities, even with the lack of the Vector Mars' presence in the combination.

Aquarion Assault Types

Assault Types can configure into six different forms and is composed of three Vectors that are colored mostly in gray/black and look very much like the originals. The Vectors are a red Vector named Alpha, a green Vector named Delta, and a blue Vector named Omega, which corresponds to the Vector Sol, Vector Luna and the Vector Mars, respectively. These Vectors are compatible with normal elements and the original Aquarion Vectors and they are mass produced by the New United Nations.

  • Armageddon Formation

A formation where the three Vectors combine into a 6-legged walker with the Aquarion Alpha's PSG Cannon mounted on top, similar to a tank. This formation exists due to the PSG Cannon able to fire at its maximum capabilities with a stable footing. This form can transform immediately into Aquarion Omega without separating and reuniting.

  • Assault Walker Formation

A vehicle formation used for speed, it appears as a jet-like machine with two legs. This form can transform into Aquarion Alpha without separating and reuniting.

  • Aquarion Beast form

In the Aquarion OVA, when Reika got mad and didn't understand why Apollo was helping Silvia (who everyone thought was Scorpius, the person who killed Apollonius) Aquarion Omega transformed into a evil beast form.