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Aquarion Spada (アクエリオンスパーダ) Akuerion Supādais the combination result of the Vectors where Vector Y forms the head. It most resembles Aquarion Mars from the original Genesis of Aquarion, while also incorporating elements from Aquarion Luna. Spada is armed with a sword that resembles a fencing épée and uses a part of Vector Y as a makeshift shield. Both shield and sword can be converted into a bow and an arrow respectively for a special ranged attack. Shrade Elan is shown to be its primary pilot, relying on his musical training to push Aquarion Spada to its limits. Spada is the least used of the three combinations due to the strenuous focus and massive amounts of energy needed to use a blade in primarily gun fights.

Armaments & Abilities[]

  • Energy Sword (エネルギーソード)

Aquarion Spada's primary weapon, a sword materialized from Element power. It bears resemblance to Aquarion Mars' Seikuuken.

  • Shield

Official name unknown. A shield mounted on Aquarion Spada's left arm, formed out of the Vector Y's hull parts.

  • Moonlight Requiem (月下葬送曲(ムーンライトレクイエム))

Combining Shrade's "Mental Performance", Amata Sora's "Gravity Manipulation", and Zessica Wong's "Impact Force" abilities, Aquarion Spada slashes the enemy multiple times in succession, before finishing with a crescent-shaped cut. In the anime, it is written in kanji as 月下葬送曲 (Gekka Sousoukyoku | Moonlight Funeral March).

  • No Guard Attack (邪糾拳(ノーガードアタック))

As Amata, Zessica and Mikono rip off much of their clothing to sharpen their senses while sacrificing defense (thus "No Guard"), Aquarion Spada strikes the enemy with its right hand in scissors, paper and rock gestures of the Rock-Paper-Scissors game in quick succession. Used to defeat the Heavy Armor Radius Gnis. In the anime, it is written in kanji as 邪糾拳 (Jakyuuken | Evil Twisting Fist), which doesn't necessarily mean anything due to it being a pun on the word Yakyuuken (野球拳), a game somewhat similar to rock-paper-scissors.

  • Moonlight Rhapsody (月下狂詩曲 Mūnraito Rapusodi?): The combination of Amata, Andy, and Shrade's Element powers, making several spinning cuts while Aquarion Spada flies along.
  • Black Hole Arrow (漆黒虚指弾 Burakku Hōru Arō?): Aquarion Spada's sword and shield turns into a bow and arrow, powered up by a nano black hole created by Andy to open a dimensional tear linking Altair and Vega.
  • Cruxifixion Sword (磔刑斬撃剣 Kurushifikushon Sōdo?): Aquarion Spada uses its shield to crucify the enemy before powering up its sword and cut it in four with a vertical and a horizontal slash.
  • For My Best Friends (神融奏 Fō Mai Besuto Furenzu?): Aquarion Spada transforms its sword into a tuning fork and uses it to stroke the string of the bow before firing it as an arrow to open a path to Altair.