Genesis of Aquarion Wiki

The Assault Type Aquarion (強攻型アクエリオン Kyōkōgata Akuerion) is a copy of the original Aquarion, constructed in a joint operation between DEAVA and the New United Nations using Shadow Angel DNA collected by force. It follows the same basic architecture of the original with a couple of physical differences and uses massive versions of conventional weaponry of cannons, rockets and machine guns as opposed to the original's weapons of bow and arrows, sword and Infinity Punch. Because of the size of its weapons, it is capable of both fighting and defeating the Cherubim. This Aquarion is normally piloted by one Shadow Angel DNA-infused mentally reprogrammed element or even a normal human being, while the other two corresponding Vectors are AI-controlled. It can configure into six different forms and is composed of three Vectors that are colored mostly in gray/black and look very much like the originals. The Vectors are a red Vector named Alpha, a green Vector named Delta, and a blue Vector named Omega, which corresponds to the Vector Sol, Vector Luna and the Vector Mars, respectively. These Vectors are compatible with normal elements and the original Aquarion Vectors and they are mass-produced by the New United Nations.

  • Aquarion Alpha (アクエリオンアルファ Akuerion Arufa): Corresponds to Vector Alpha as the head, Vector Delta as the back, and Vector Omega as the legs. It is the equivalent of the Solar Aquarion. It uses an enormous PSG Cannon in place of its right arm as its primary weapon and like the Solar Aquarion, it can deploy the "Solar Wings" on its back, but does not have the mystical effect of the original. Oddly enough, its head is shaped like the Aquarion Luna's and has a visor over its eyes. This configuration can transform into the Walker Formation without the need to separate the Vectors and reuniting.
  • Aquarion Delta (アクエリオンデルタ Akuerion Deruta): Corresponds with Vector Delta as the head, Vector Omega as the back, and Vector Alpha as the legs. It is the equivalent of the Aquarion Luna. Taking a similarity to the Aquarion Luna's bow, the Aquarion Delta specializes in long-range combat through a complement of rockets that fire from its own customized bow and can also utilize the Aquarion Omega's machine guns, mounted on the same part as the rockets.
  • Aquarion Omega (アクエリオンオメガ Akuerion Omega): Corresponds with Vector Omega as the head, Vector Alpha as the back, and Vector Delta as the legs. It is the equivalent of the Aquarion Mars. Using a pair of machine guns, this form is only featured a couple of times and can transform into the Armageddon Formation without the need to separate the Vectors and reuniting.
  • Armageddon Formation (アーマゲドン形態 Āmagedon Hentai): A formation where the three Vectors combine into a 6-legged walker with the Aquarion Alpha's PSG cannon mounted on top, similar to a tank. This formation exists due to the PSG Cannon being able to fire at its maximum capabilities with a stable footing. This form can transform immediately into Aquarion Omega without separating and reuniting.
  • Assault Walker Formation (アサルトウォーカー形態 Asaruto Wōkā Hentai): A vehicle formation used for speed, it appears as a jet-like machine with two legs. This form can transform into Aquarion Alpha without separating and reuniting. Its appearance closely resembles the GERWALK mode of the VF-1 Valkyrie from Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, another anime written and directed by Shoji Kawamori.
  • Aquarion Beast Form: In the Aquarion movie, when Lihua gets mad and could not understand why Apollo was helping Silvia de Alisia (who everyone thought was Scorpus, the person who had killed Apollonius) Aquarion Omega transforms into a rampant beast form. The form appears similar to Seismosaurus from Zoids Fuzors and fired the PSG Cannon from its tail.