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Atlandia is the home of the Shadow Angels. Within it holds the Tree of Life.


Apollonius vs Celiane

Apollonius fighting against Celiane with a dagger.

Atlandia is where Celiane first met Apollonius 12,000 years before the start of Genesis of Aquarion, in a human uprising against the Shadow Angels. Not much is known about the conflict, however sometime during the invasion, Celiane and Apollonius fought, with Scorpius watching behind the scenes, and eventually fell in love.

Apollonius fighting Celiane

Celiane fighting against Apollonius with a rapier.


Scorpius watching Celiane's and Apollonius' battle behind a pillar.

Sometime later, Apollonius betrayed the Shadow Angels, and his former love, Toma, and left together with Pollon in exile.

Celiane fighting Apollonius 1

Celiane and Apollonius continuing to fight.

Celiane fighting Apollonius

Apollonius and Celiane continuing to fight each other.

Apollonius and Pollon OVA

Scorpius explaining what 'food' is to Apollonius, since Shadow Angels don't use their mouths for eating, but for singing.

Apollonius and Celiane

Apollonius and Celiane when they fell in love.


Pollon looking at Apollonius' torn-off wings.

Celiane and Apollonius under the Tree of Life

Apollonius and Celiane joining sides underneath the Tree of Life.

Eventually, they would go to the last remaining human fortress against the Shadow Angels: Shangri-La. There, Apollonius would learn how humans live.


Apollonius stopping Moroha's blade-like arm from killing Celiane, tearing off his bound wings as a result.

Apollonius Celiane Scorius

Celiane, Apollonius, and Scorpius fighting against the Shadow Angels in Aquarion.

Toma about to kill Celiane

Toma preparing to kill Celiane.


Celiane tired after fighting with Toma.

Toma fighting Apollonius

Apollonius rescues Celiane and beings fighting Toma.

Toma fighting Apollonius

Toma and Apollonius smiling as they cross blades.

Sometime later, Apollonius would somehow get kidnapped by the Shadow Angels. He would be held captive against a wall, with his wings bound, and Toma would be the one sent to execute him. However, Celiane managed to somehow sneak into Atlandia as an attempt to rescue Apollonius, but ultimately would be caught by Moroha. Toma would then barter Celiane's life for returning to his side, however Celiane said she refused to "beg for [her] life to a Shadow Angel". Moroha would then try to strike her with one of his blade-like arms in an attempt to kill her. However, before he could do so, Apollonius would intervene, ripping his wings from his body as he jumped in to save her. The Shadow Angels took this as the ultimate disgrace.

It is unknown what exactly happened after that, and the exact events slightly differ between the TV anime, Genesis of Aquarion, and that of the OVA. In the anime, Apollonius builds the Mechanical Angel Aquarion and would use it to fight the Shadow Angels. In the OVA, Apollonius steals it.

From then on, Apollonius, Celiane, and Scorpius would fight together to defeat the Shadow Angels, (although in the anime, Scorpius' name is removed from the Book of Holy Genesis due to the events in the OVA, [which is a prequel of the anime], as the events in the OVA affected the time space continuum in such a way that it affected another world, which the anime takes place in).

Some point later, they would have their final battle in Atlandia. The events that transpired are unclear, but it is shown that Toma and Celiane would do battle. Celiane would ultimately loose the battle, and right before Toma would strike her down, Apollonius would join in and fight Toma in her stead. Celiane would collapse, exhausted, and would mourn how she can't even reach them. Celiane would then faint and awaken later all alone. She would then spot a glowing crystal, would pick it up, and recite a poem.

Apollonius and Toma fighting

Apollonius and Toma fighting,

"In hope that our prayers may be answered, I give this to you. Take this jewel in your hand, sparkling like the rays of the sun. As transparent as the waters from a spring. This jewel that holds the moment of flames, bursting from the immortal sun. The distant and immortal soul frolics in the immortal flames. Offer this to the temple and no one shall refuse your prayer, or carry it with you on the thorn-filled journey ahead."

Celiane and the Crystal

Celiane holding the crystal seal.

The end result would be a seal being put on Atlandia that would cause the Shadow Angels to sleep for 12,000 years, as well as massive destruction to their realm.

In the OVA, it is shown that Scorpius kills Apollonius because they placed the seal on the Shadow Angels. Scorpius wanted Shadow Angel feathers so that he could help his people, and due to his rage that he felt because his chance to acquire them was gone (as Apollonius would not help him and at that point, he didn't even have any feathers to give because his wings were torn off), he stabs Apollonius with a sword while Apollonius and Celiane were rejoicing at their victory, Celiane watching in horror. What happened after that is unknown.

12,000 years later, in the final fight between the Elements and the Shadow Angels from the TV anime, Atlandia is destroyed along with the Tree of Life residing at its center.


  • Atlandia is occasionally referred to as "Atlantis" due to Atlandia being an advanced "hidden" civilization akin to paradise.
  • Fairy-like creatures like alongside the Shadow Angels in Atlandia.
  • Atlandia once was a place on Earth, but when humanity rebelled against the Shadow Angels due to being used for their Prana, it somehow was sealed into another dimension by the Shadow Angels.