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Aye Chang is a minor character. She is a female Element User at Neo-DEAVA, she is often teamed with Malloy Direzza.


Aye Chang is a young girl with very long brown hair usually tied in two. She has purple eyes and wears a pink ribbon. She usually wears a sea-green/blue dress.


Aye Chang like most girls is excited when they had to start teaming up with boys and was really happy when they had to go to Neo-Kowloon as she considered it to be like a normal date.


Aye Chang is one of the element user students at Neo-DEAVA, where they were trained by Suomi Konepi to be pure. But when the opportunity came for the girls to mix with the boys, she was really excited. She was teamed up with Malloy Direzza in class and started spending a bit more time with him.


Her element power abilities remained unknown and were not revealed.