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Apollo's best friend, Baron charges Apollo with the task of taking care of the other orphans. 


Baron has dark brown hair that he keeps wrapped up in a blue cloth, green eyes, and freckles. He wears a light blue scarf, a green coat, black pants with blue leg warmers on top, and brown shoes. He keeps his arms wrapped up in bandages.


Not much is known about Baron's personality, but it can be assumed that he was very kind and caring. In the middle of the winter when he and Apollo were starving, he shared his food with him. He seems to be the one who brought the group of orphans together, and since they don't have money, they resort to stealing. However, if any danger were to come, he'd clear a way for them to escape first, as seen in Memories of Heavenly Wings.


Apollo's best friend during their time living amidst the lower slums of Arc City, Baron charges Apollo with the task of taking care of the other orphans in their community. He originally meets Apollo when he offers the boy some food during a cold, winter day. From then on, the two become inseparable, resorting to thievery in order to acquire food for themselves and the other children with them.

Baron gives Apollo his name after noticing him walking out of a frozen lake he was swimming in, the sun basking behind his back while his footprints steamed away behind him, as a reflection of the ancient hero Apollo. He continued to live with Apollo and several other orphans, stealing food from warehouses and living on the city streets.

In the Anime[]

After being captured by the Shadow Angels, Apollo awakened his Solar Wings but failed to rescue his friends. Saving him and the other orphans became Apollo's sole reason to fight with the Aquarion and DEAVA .

Ultimately, Baron is held as a foil by Toma during his own personal duel with the Solar Aquarion high above DEAVA. While Aquarion Solar was safely guarded behind the force barrier, Toma revealed to be holding Baron hostage on the other side. While it seemed innocent, Baron's holding cell was networked with a subatomic bomb. In spite of Baron's pleas for Apollo to leave him, the Element refused and saved Baron anyway. The moment Baron was freed from his cell, it exploded, levelling the upper tier of the force barrier and completely disintegrating Baron in the process. This has affected Apollo profusely, as Baron truly was one of the few people in the world that gave his life meaning. In his last moments, Baron asked his friend to save Chibiko and the orphans.

At the end of the series, when Chibiko and the other orphans are saved, Silvia is left to take care of them in Apollo's place as Apollo had entrusted the orphans to Silvia much like Baron did to Apollo.



It can be said that the two were so close, that they were brothers. Apollo was deeply affected by his demise. He didn't give in despair and instead decided to fight the Shadow Angels with renewed vigor.


  • Baron didn't appear in the OVA version of the series, his role in this world replaced by Apollo's unseen grandfather.