Aquarion is the name given to the Mechanical Angel commonly used by the protagonists in the Aquarion Series. Aquarion is usually formed by the merging of 3 Vectors to form one larger machine, because of this merging of Vectors, Aquarion is able to take many different forms with different abilities. It is based on uniting with three people with their heart, mind and soul. Aquarion itself is able to amplify the abilities of the Elements who pilot it and is deeply affected by both their physical and mental states, even to the point of disappearing due to loneliness or becoming more sensitive if the pilot removes their clothing.

So far there have been four separate types of Aquarion:

  • The original Aquarion which was once piloted by Apollonius and later becoming the main Aquarion in Genesis of Aquarion . This was also used by Mikage in Aquarion EVOL upon its recovery.
  • The Assault Aquarion formed by the Merging of the Assault Vectors of New United Nations. This was intended to be similar to the original Aquarion but with more modern day weapons.
  • The two kinds of Aquarion used in Aquarion EVOL by Neo-DEAVA which are identical to each other, initially being Aquaria for the male and female elements to pilot separately. These seem to rarely be used together, though there are exceptions to this where they would both be deployed at once.

In the process of Unification, each Vector is able to transform into a head section, (a chest with a head and arms) a back section, (a back with a set of wings) or a leg section (a pair of legs). Thus, when the Vectors combine to form the humanoid robot Aquarion, they make a leg/back/head formation with the head being the leading section. The Vector that makes the head ultimately identifies the form of Aquarion the vectors make as well.

The Unification or "Merging" process also combines the souls of the Elements to some degree, as each supplies one of the supposed three aspects of their soul into one when Aquarion is formed. During Unification, the Elements experience an influx of power and energy, including sharing emotions and energy with their co-pilots. In the anime, sometimes merging can happen with four people instead of the usual three. As Gen Fudou always says, one arrow, no matter how great will snap. He then says three arrows will snap, if enough pressure is applied. The way for the three vectors to be as strong as possible is for each element user to respect each another in the unification, which forms a cube in the end on which the Mechanical Angel Aquarion was based on. Also, on a side note, if earth was the starting point, the three original vectors would form a cube where they were headed Vector Sol to the Sun, Vector Luna to the moon, and Vector Mars to Mars (dependent on the timing of the planetary cycles).

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