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Elder brother of Mikono Suzushiro. He is popular and well-known among the girls of the academy. His Element power is called Prophecy of Despair which allows him to foretell when disaster is about to befall those near him, and makes use of it to perfect his sniping skills. He tries his best to protect his little sister as he had vision of her dying with her death having some connection with Aquarion. He is a bit annoyed with Amata Sora since Amata is the one that brings Mikono Suzushiro closer to the Aquarion.


Cayenne is tall, slightly built and has short navy hair, brown eyes and tanned skin. He wears a khaki combat vest and cargo pants with a navy coat, which he wears like a cape. He also wears black fingerless gloves and combat boots.


Cayenne appears to be over-protective of his sister, Mikono to the point that he fears losing his sister; because of the visions that he has about Mikono's death. Often, he views her as the same person, coward, that can't do anything for herself. He is even annoyed by Amata.

He is also very caring towards his team mates.


Since he was Cayenne was raised to become the next head of the Suzushiro family. As such he had a lot more expectations placed on him than his sister.


Cayenne's Element ability is known as his "Prophecy of Despair." At seemingly random times he recieves visions or "Prophecies" of events that might come. The time frame of when the event would happen is also seemingly random as he has envisioned a funeral-esque wedding that has still not occured, alongside a moment in Episode 3 when he had a vision of Jin Muso controlling his robots far above him. In the same episode, it is shown that Shrade Elan is capable of triggering these visions on purpose using his own Element ability.

Since the "Special Training of the Grave" Cayenne's ability has been enhanced into his "Instant Prophecy"; he is now capable of triggering visions on purpose just a moment into the future. In the mock battle against Amata Sora he is shown using this combined with Aquarion Gepard's weapon targeting system to fire right where the target is about to move. However this ability isn't perfect as it wasn't able to detect Aquarion Evol's Super Dimensional Infinity Punch until it was too late.


Mikono Suzushiro[]

Ever since they were kids he wanted to protect her. Initially, he views his sister as a coward, but that opinion changes after Amata defends her and his watching her become stronger. They become closer as siblings at the end, to the point that he acknowledges how proud he is of her.

Amata Sora[]

He initially dislikes Amata because he thinks that he's trying to make a move on his sister. But they do become friends in the end.

Shrade Elan[]

They are close friends, although he gets irritated whenever Shrade calls him "My Friend."


  • While not exceptional similar, his ability to predict grim, or 'unfortunate', futures, dark hair, and strong connection to one of the core characters, Mikono, strongly resembles Reika from the original series.