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Celiane is a human who was the lover of Apollonius and the past life of Silvia and Sirius (as her soul split), and subsequently, Mikono.


Celiane has short, blonde hair that she keeps held back by a headband of sorts. She has light blue eyes and in the anime, most flashbacks of her show her wearing black and white colored armor that covers her chest and waist. She wears a black pauldron on her left shoulder. She also wears black pants and dark brown boots. In Aquarion OVA, she is seen wearing a white v-necked dress and a brown choker that goes under her dress with a teal colored gem in the center with one burgundy gem on either side. The dress has one long cut on each arm that are bound by two bows, with a with a dip showing off her back in the back. She also wears a brown colored belt and a silver tiara with a blue gem in the center, showing her status as a princess. Her arms are also wrapped with bandages.


Celiane appears to be very well mannered to her peers. She is shown to be very proud of her warrior status, refusing to "beg for [her] life to a Shadow Angel".

She's shown to have a similar personality as Silvia. For instance, the two are both short tempered and have a degree of pretentiousness. They are also both considered princesses of their respective times.

In the Anime[]

It's shown in Aquarion Episode 2, Beast Of Darkness, Apollo was able to call out to Celiane through Silvia, both he and Silvia having crossed into a past existence. He mocks her, asking if she's "forgotten [her] warrior's pride". Celiane retorts through Silvia, infuriated, replying "How dare you lecture me?!", confusing Silvia, who wondered who spoke through her.

In Aquarion Episode 12, The Time of Amber, Celiane is shown that she got caught by Moroha, apparently having been trying to save Apollonius who had somehow been captured by Toma and held prisoner in Atlandia 12,000 years ago. Some time after, the two began to fight the Shadow Angels together.


  • She can be seen wielding a rapier similar to Sirius'.