Chloe Klick
[[File:Chole Klick thumb|300px|]]
Kanji クロエ・クーリック
Romanji Kuroe Kūrikku
Gender Female
Eyes Purple
Hair Purple
Personal Status
Race Human
Age 14
Relatives Kurt (Brother)
Professional Status
Affiliation DEAVA
Occupation Element
Partner Pierre


Base of Operations DEAVA HQ
First Appearance
Japanese Voice Romi Park
English Voice Caitlin Glass
Fraternal twin sister to Kurt. She can communicate with him through telepathy and, like her brother, very rarely partakes in combat. Instead she, like her brother, controls and monitors the computers in DEAVA's control room.
Chloe and Kurt


Chloe wears a white, collared long sleeved top and a blue tie. She wears a skirt that goes to her mid thighs with a black belt. She wears blue socks that go up her calves and gray shoes. When piloting a Vector, she wears a purple bodysuit with gray wrist guards.


Chloe is apparently very earnest about things and does not talk to people much, while Kurt is fairly enough the same. She has feelings for Pierre and toward the end of the series he reciprocates those feelings.