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Crea Dolosera is the one responsible for recruiting Shrade Elan. She is responsible for giving the signal of approval for the unification of the Vectors.

Prior to the beginning of the story and after the prohibition of using Aquarion she is said to be on a trip, returning after the Aquarion's debut, once the seal is broken and the wall separating the girls and boys section is destroyed.


She has the appearance of a small white-haired girl who despite that, seems to be very smart judging by her IQ.


She is calm and hides her feelings. She loves donuts.


Despite still being a child, she is a genius with an IQ beyond 300 and is the Chairwoman of Neo-DEAVA.


Her Element is shown in episode 26.

It was not known until the very last episode that Crea Dolasera's Element Ability was Teleportation.

Other than that, she has shown some skill in organizing the other elements.


Zen Fudo[]

She is usually seen around Zen Fudo and interacts with him somewhat.

Shrade Elan[]


  • She seems to have a fondness for donuts as she is mostly seen with a box of them or with one in her hand at certain times.
  • It can be presumed she is Rena from the original series of Aquarion, due to their similar looks and Rena being a vampire.
    • This is supported in episode 22 when she bit Shrade while he was bleeding, a trait Rena was well known for.
    • This is additionally hinted in episode 23, when she took the exact same position as Rena did; both sitting in Rena's wheelchair, and holding the book of Twin Stars as Rena held the book of Genesis.
    • Further evidence is her element, teleportation, the same elemental power as Rena.
    • In episode 26 she says "I'm getting too old for this" when fighting Ancient AQ, which could imply that she is older than she appears to be.