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DEAVA (Division of EArth Vitalization Advancement) is the organization that utilizes Aquarion in Genesis of Aquarion. DEAVA finds and trains new Element Users. At the start of the anime, they hunt down Apollo because they think he is Solar Wing. Later on in the series, they and the New United Nations combine forces and make the Assault Type Aquarion (in the OVA, DEAVA solely used the mass produced Assault Type Aquarion until Apollo awakened the original Aquarion). It was later succeeded by Neo-DEAVA 12,000 years later.

DEAVA headquarters is the main base for most of the characters, living in the dorms or in close quarters. It is revealed by Gen Fudou, upon Sophia Belin's questioning, that DEAVA had taken the base's land from the monarchy of that time, the former Alician Empire, (which is the family of Sirius and Silvia), as beneath it were the ruins of the ancient civilization of Shangri-La from 12,000 years ago where Aquarion was created and Apollonius and Celiane lead the rebellion against the Shadow Angels. (In the OVA these ruins were moved to the forest where Apollo grew up).

The headquarters had various aspects to its design. The base itself is protected by high-level barriers which resisted most attacks as well as several hidden missile launchers, guns and lasers. The base's control room was able to transfer the elements between itself and the Vectors through the use of a Teleport Transfer. It also is able to use the vector's visual and sound links along with monitoring the Element's aura levels. The dormitories had a cafeteria and recreational space where the elements gathered in their social times. Most of the dorm-rooms were shared (save Sirius' which was his own and significantly larger). There was a rose garden often tended to by Sirius, a forest Apollo would roam in, as well as a sports ground and several other terrains used for training purposes. Gen Fudou's hut was based over the entrance to the underground ruins.



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