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The headquarters of DEAVA are the former grounds of the Alician Empire and were built on top of the ruins of Shangri-La, the last human stronghold of the Shadow Angels from 12,000 years ago. It is surrounded by the Barrier Field Generator, keeping it safe from Shadow Angel attacks. The area is surrounded by mountains and there is a train nearby, which Reika rode in Happiness at the Bottom of the Lake.

DEAVA and Surrounding Areas

DEAVA HQ and the surrounding areas.


  • Element Dormitories - There are two-gender separated dormitories were the Elements live. Every Element User except for Sirius and Rena shared rooms.

    Apollo's, Pierre's, Jun's, and Kurk's room in the dormitories.

  • Cafeteria - Inside, there apparently is a cafeteria where the Elements eat. Apollo however, preferred hunting his meals rather than getting them from the cafeteria.
  • Element School - There is a school inside for the Elements to learn about their abilities, how to pilot Aquarion, and the known events from 12,000 years ago that were recorded in the Book of Holy Genesis that the Elements go to when they're not fighting the Shadow Angels.
    Element School

    Apollo and Rena overlooking the classroom filled with the Elements.

  • Colosseum - There is a 12,000 year-old colosseum on the grounds where the Elements train their abilities.
    • Colosseum

      The Elements running on the running track in the Colosseum

      The colosseum includes a Running Track.
  • Garden - There is an expansive garden on the grounds with many varieties of flowers, trees, shrubs, and other plants. Reika, Sirius, Silvia, and Tsugumi appear to frequent the gazebo.

    The gazebo in the garden.

    • There is a Rose Garden that Sirius himself tends to.
  • Common Room - There is a common room where the Elements can relax in. It also has a futuristic-type flat-screen panel that acts as a TV.
    Common Room

    The Common Room area that the Elements use.

  • Hot Spring - In the OVA, it is shown that there is a hot spring on the grounds that overlook the city below the Headquarters.
  • Jail Cells - Apparently, there are even jail cells, one of which Apollo was held in Memories of Heavenly Wings.
    Jail Cell

    The jail cell that Apollo was held in the first episode of Aquarion.

  • Hospital - There is also a small hospital. Glen was held inside it comatose for many episodes.
  • Hospital

    Silvia and Sirius overlooking the medical bay

    Launch Bay - Underground, there a launch bay that holds Vector Mars, Vector Luna, and Vector Sol, as well as creates an access point for the Vectors to launch into the atmosphere.
    • It is here that the Vectors charge, as they are powered by the Dragon Vein.
      Launch Deck

      The Launch Bay where the Vectors are held. with the Vectors being connected to the Dragon Vein (the strange golden thing).

  • Command Deck - Inside, there is a command deck where the Elements and personnel watch the Vectors in combat. From here, the other Elements are able to watch the Element's aura levels, Teleport Transfer into Aquarion by essentially trading places with them, and monitor the surroundings and enemies on the field.
    • The system used to monitor the Elements while they're piloting a vector or Aquarion is known as the "Aquarion Union Verification Monitoring System"
      Aquarion Union Verification Monitoring System

      The Aquarion Union Verification Monitoring System, as shown. It is titled as such in small print to the right of Silvia.

      Control Deck

      The Control Deck where the Elements and other personnel are watching Aquarion fight on the monitors.

  • Library - There is a library inside that hold the Alician family's extensive amounts of books, many of which being valuable or very old. Rena is the librarian, but Reika has filled-in for her when Rena is unable to do so because of her anemia.

    Part of the library.

  • Japanese House - Gen Fudo has his own Japanese-style hut where he is seen to practice calligraphy and make tea for his guests, usually Sophia.
  • Japanese-Styled House

    Gen Fudo writing calligraphy on the floor of his house

    Underground Training Area - There exists an underground training are beneath DEAVA itself that is heavily laced with traps and is able to be remotely changed.
    Underground Training Area

    The Elements look around in shock and confusion as the doors leading underneath DEAVA open.