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A veteran soldier and chief of Neo-DEAVA's male academy. He uses a pair of prosthetic arms to replace those he lost on a disastrous incident when he piloted Aquarion on its first sortie against the Abductors 8 years before, during which Aquarion become uncontrollable. The incident also resulted in the disappearance of the other two pilots, one of which was his girlfriend. He is a sharpshooter and is capable of using a small blowgun at a distance with ease and precision as shown when he is watching over Amata from afar during the test at Neo-Kowloon. He and Suomi feel like there is something important that could happen since Crea and Zen suddenly returned to the Academy.


Donar has dark-brown hair that is kept mostly combed back, but with bangs on the right of his face loose and protruding from under his beret, and green-yellow eyes. In the incident 8 years previously Donar lost his arms, and they have since been replaced with mechanical prosthetics. The arms can serve for multiple purposes, as seen when parts such as his hands are shown to be replaced with things such as a hook, fork, or tazer, and can even be equipped with weapons as seen in Ep. 12. Interestingly enough, his mouth has also become mechanical, even though it was not affected when his arms were lost.

As an infantryman, he is mostly seen wearing a uniform consisting of a dark green jacket with a black collar and cuffs, and dark green pants which are tucked into a pair of knee high black boots. With this uniform he also wears a black military beret, a pale or white tie, a black shoulder paldron on his right shoulder, and a black belt around the waist of his jacket.

He has also been shown to have and wear a black military dress uniform, such as in the funeral episode, consisting of a similar jacket with silver trimmed collar, pockets, and shoulder boards and thinner sleeves that are tucked into elbow high silver-trimmed black gloves, and similar black pants that are also tucked into knee high black boots. With the dress uniform he wears a black cover with a silver emblem and band, a dark blue tie, a pair of gold pilot wings on the left of his chest and a silver band (possibly military awards known as ribbons) on the right. He also dons a double silver cord across the right of his chest.

In the final episode, he is shown dressed down, wearing a black tank top with his usual pants and boots.


Since the Aquarion Disaster in which he lost his arm and loved one, Donar supported the idea that girls and boys should not mix, so they don't meet his fate. With the arrival of Amata and the break of the Guize Stones, he had to face the boys and girls starting to touch each other. But as he was afraid that they may fall in love and end up like him, he was following Amata and trying to prevent him into falling in love with Mikono.


Young Donar

Young Donar with his lover.

Nine years ago, Donar was driving Aquarion with his lover Nanaon, but when Aquarion detects the two of them realizing they truly love each other, it went berserk. As it started shooting at each direction, the Aquarion broke and as an result, Donar lost both of his arm and his beloved Nanaon. Donar was the only survivor of that Aquarion Disaster.


His abilities as an element are unknown.


Donar is the Teotonic equivalent of an old Norse name meaning "Thunder", while Dantes is a variant of the Latin name Dante, meaning "Enduring" or "Lasting". Thus, his name can be seen to mean "Enduring/Lasting Thunder".


  • Donar is shown to own or at least drive a red car.
  • As well as being a pilot to Aquarion, Donar is shown to be able to pilot a helicopter.
  • It is said that Donar sees similarities to his younger self in Amata Sora, and he seems to have a personal interest in Amata’s training possibly because of this.
  • Most likely due to the Aquarion incident eight years prior, Donar is shown to suffer with several PTSD related symptoms, including nightmares and heightened reactivity to things related to the incident, as well as others. He is also shown to have phantom limb pain.