Genesis of Aquarion Wiki

Just like in the original series, Genesis of Aquarion, the Elements are people born with special powers and are trained to pilot the Vectors against the Shadow Angels (for Genesis of Aquarion) and the Abductors.

While forming Aquarion, the Elemental Powers of the users are amplified allowing Aquarion to perform special attacks depending of its current pilots. To increase Aquarion's flexibility in combat, a special teleport system labeled the "Teleport Transfer" or (for Genesis of Aquarion) "Element Change" (for Aquarion EVOL) allows for pilots to be called back and forth between the Vectors' cockpits and their posts at DEAVA's or Neo-DEAVA's command center instantly.

In order to undergo training as an Element, there is a selection exam that other candidates must pass. Those who pass become a part of Project Aquarion.


  • In Genesis of Aquarion, the Second Team of Elements are all young children who are training to become an Element.
  • The bodysuits protect an Element's body. However, they also dampen their Elemental Ability. Without the bodysuit, their powers are stronger (as Aquarion boosts an Element's power when piloting a Vector).
  • Elements are often gathered from around the world.
  • They all go to school to learn about their powers and Aquarion.
  • There are about 20 people with special Elemental abilities living at DEAVA HQ.
  • The Element's abilities are a form of ESP.