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Eve no Shihen, also known as the Aquarion EVOL Original Soundtrack or Aquarion EVOL: Psalms of Eve, is the official soundtrack of the Aquarion EVOL series. It contains 22 songs which are all featured in the anime. The artists featured in the album are Yoko Kanno, The Little Singers of Tokyo, The Member of LSOT, AKINO&AIKI from bless4 and Yui Ogura (Yunoha).

Track List[]

  1. Pandora, Pandora
  2. Paradoxical ZOO (performed by AKINO with bless4)
  3. Eve no Danpen (performed by AKINO and bless4)
  4. Beast Beat
  5. Kimi no Shinwa ~ Aquarion Dai Ni Shou (performed by AKINO and bless4)
  6. Pop-up Holy
  7. a jealous flapper
  8. Yunoha no Mori (performed by Yui Ogura)
  9. Shikkoku no Cadenza
  10. Seitenshi Gakuen Kouka (performed by the Little Singers of Tokyo)
  11. Gekkou Symphonia (performed by AKINO and AIKI from bless4)
  12. Sei Otoha
  13. Gekkou Chinkonkyoku
  14. Kouya no Kagura
  15. A'
  16. Sousei Carnival
  17. Altair Shinkou
  18. Chuukuu Fanfare
  19. Souseiki #2
  20. Itoshiki Mono, Nanji no Na wa
  21. Aquaria Mau Sora (performed by the Member of LSOT)
  22. Bonus Track


  • "Kimi no Shinwa ~ Aquarion Dai Ni Shou" is the first opening theme from the anime.
  • "Paradoxical ZOO" is the second opening theme from Aquarion EVOL
  • "Shikkoku no Cadenza" is Shrade's theme from the anime.
  • "Yunoha no Mori" is sung by Yunoha in the OVA.
  • "Sei Otoha" is Otoha's theme from Genesis of Aquarion.
  • "Kouya no Kagura" is Kagura's theme from the anime.
  • "A'" is one of Apollo's themes from Genesis of Aquarion. It was first used in Memories of Heavenly Wings.
  • "a jealous flapper", "Sei Otoha", "A'", "Sousei Carnival", "Souseiki #2", and "Itoshiki mono, Nanji no Na wa" were first used in the original anime, Genesis of Aquarion.