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The only child angel who survived Atlandia's destruction 12,000 years before.


Futaba wears a skin colored top that's tucked under a pair of green, yellow, and brown shorts, that go past his knees. He wears black bandages on his calves and black open-toed and open-heeled sandals. He wears some sort of metal gloves on each of his hands, as well as on his shoulders and where his wings are. Futaba has green hair with yellow-to-red strands in it, as well as a blue-coloured jewelled headband. His eyes match the color of his hair.


Like a boy playing joyfully with ants, he often plays with the "Wingless ones'" lives. He doesn't realize that his antics are destructive, however. He is merely playing around, attacking and destroying things without malice.

In the Anime[]

Often, he had no hesitation in finding ways to have fun even at the cost of them. However, his childish manners eventually cost him dearly. He is captured by the humans and taken for scientific testing, and in the process he is killed. His death is the last straw for Toma, who promptly seeks out revenge against humanity. After Futaba's death, his wings are taken and fused with Glen Anderson; his remaining wings are used to power the autonomous systems used in the Military Vectors.


  • Apollo, Silvia, and Sirius were the only ones who were able to "hear his cries" when the New United Nations took him for experimentation.
    • They were also able to tell when the New United Nations killed him.
  • Apollo, Silvia, and Sirius didn't want him to be killed.