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The Founder and true leader of DEAVA and the one responsible for unearthing the Vector Machines, only to disappear shortly afterwards. When the Elements' battle against the Shadow Angels began, he returns to assume his position as DEAVA's supreme commander.


Usually seen wearing his trademark DEAVA military uniform, he has been seen at one time wearing a traditional yukata, sharing company with Sophia elsewhere at his personal cottage on DEAVA's grounds. This moment also allowed the audience further insight into his character, as he has shown conflicting personal feelings for Sophia - whom of which the feelings are reciprocal - hinting at remembering quieter days before the war. In his own unorthodox manner, Fudou greatly cares for those who fight with him, at once saying that any DEAVA soldier who doesn't care about the well being of their companions is not worthy of their titles.


He is very knowledgeable of the nature of humans, he uses this wisdom to guide the Element Users in order to help them surpass their own limitations and increase their teamwork. Throughout his presence across the series, Gen Fudou is clearly exhibited as knowing far more than he puts on, giving sound and solidifying advice at the most pertinent times. He has exhibited light demonstrations of high-speed fighting ability as well, the first of which relieving Jerome of his firearm and promptly changing the weapon into a collective of three steel arrows - all of which to prove a point. He has also exhibited a oneness and knowledge with the earth, the cosmos and both his and everyone else's chakras.

Amidst all of his supernatural abilities and inhuman intellect, he acts as a greater inspiration not only for the Element Users, but for all personnel of DEAVA by being the only one to truly think outside of the box, applying his universal sense of open-mindedness into easy forms of common sense. In the end, every form of advice he gives tends to always lead the Element Users into another epiphany, allowing them to discover new techniques, battle powers and all-around fighting ability both for themselves and for piloting the Aquarion.

In the Anime

In episode 25, Gen revealed to Sophia the history of Neo-DEAVA and the Alician Empire. From this, Sophia speculated that he was the reincarnation of the nameless pilot who fought alongside Apollonius and Celiane, but he neither confirmed nor denied this. In Aquarion: Wings of Betrayal and Aquarion: Wings of Glory, however, it is revealed that the third pilot was Prince Scorpius, leader of the Alician Empire, who later reincarnated as Reika. It was not until Aquarion EVOL that Gen, by then named Zen, was revealed to have been the reincarnation of Apollonius himself.


  • In reference with his reappearance, Jerome recalls that he was once known as the "Great Magician"