Genesis of Aquarion

Genesis of Aquarion
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Sousei no Aquarion
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Aquarion OVAs
Cover Art for "Aquarion: Wings of Betrayal" and "Aquarion: Wings of Glory"

Genesis of Aquarion (創星のアクエリオン, Sōsei no Akuerion)

Studio Statelight
Director Shoji Kawamori
Story & Script Hiroshi Ōnogi
Shōji Kawamori
Character Design Eiji Kaneda
Futoshi Fujikawa
Satoru Utsunomiya
Mecha Design Takeshi Takakura
Art Director Dai Ohta
Music Director Hisaaki Hogari
Yoko Kanno
Japanese April 4, 2005 - September 26, 2005
English April 27, 2009 - July 15, 2009
Episodes 26

Twelve thousand years in the past, mankind was at mercy of the mythical creatures known as Shadow Angels, immortal winged beings with overwhelming powers and technology. That is, until one of their kind, Apollonius, fell in love with a female human warrior, Celiane. Apollonius joined forces with the humans to free them from their oppression, by using the legendary giant fighting robot Aquarion.


Eleven years prior to the story in the Holy Genesis Era, a disaster only referred to as the "Great Catastrophe" occurred, where Earth's magnetic field shifted, destroying significant parts of the world and killing off many of its inhabitants. Along with the disaster came the return of the Shadow Angels, who have been in slumber in their city of Atlandia since their battle with Apollonius. The Shadow Angels began invading human cites on Earth to Harvest human beings like cattle, dubbing them "wingless ones" (羽なし hanenashi), to extract the Prana from the harvested humans not only to serve as energy and nutrition to them, but also to feed the legendary Tree of Life. The Shadow Angels facilitate their harvesting via giant, floating harvesting machines called harvest beasts which are guarded by giant machines called Cherubim Soldiers. They are sentient, yet there are times when they are piloted by Shadow Angels.

Ordinary weapons prove ineffective against the Cherubim, but a human expedition under the leadership of Gen Fudou eventually excavates three very technologically advanced fighter planes, and an organization called DEAVA, Division of Earth Vitalization Advancement, takes over the research of these machines, called Vectors, trying to identify how to use them. The three Vectors are colored mostly in white and are shown as the green Vector Luna, the blue Vector Mars, and the red Vector Sol. DEAVA discovers only people with special powers called Elements, who can control the Vectors.The three vectors are in fact the pieces of Aquarion, the same robot used to fight the Shadow Angels twelve millennia before. They also discover the Elements can ultimately unite the vectors into one of three formations of the giant robot in battle, and can use it to fight and defeat the Cherubim.

During the Elements' first fight against the Cherubim by uniting the Vectors into a formation of Aquarion, they stumble upon 13 year-old Apollo, who seems to be the reincarnation of Apollonius. They become convinced of this when he single-handedly unites the Vectors into the Solar Aquarion formation and defeats the enemy, thus recruiting him to join their ranks.


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