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Genesis of Aquarion - A Capella is the A Capella variation of the song "Genesis of Aquarion" in Aquarion EVOL.


Kimi ga kurikaeshi otona ni natte // Once again, you become an adult
nandomo nandomo tooku e itte // over and over you grow farther away
Mimamoru boku ga nemurenai boku ga // As I watch over you sleeplessly,
kushya kushya ni natta to shitemo // even if I were to become crumpled
Kimi no na wo utau tame ni... // I'll sing your name because.... *

Genesis (Genesis)
of Aquarion (of Aquarion)
of Aquarion

I remember sitting with you (sitting there with you)
Underneath the tree of life (beneath the tree of life)
We listened to every fainted cry
Of the creatures there on the day the world began

Looking at everything that I've lost (everything I've lost)
And almost everything that I've loved (everything)
I'll hold them all (in my arms) tightly in my arms
Wondering where I am, so please (please) tell me where to go

All of the answers you seek lie hidden in the sun (ta-i-you**)
If I hadn't met you my life would've been in the (in the darkness forever) darkness forever
In my wings (In my wings) are the powers of immortality
But by meeting you (You), my whole life has changed (changed)
You give light to me, hope to me, strength into my life

All this time these twelve thousand years, I know, Aishiteru!*** (I'm in Love with You!)
Eight thousand years from the time that I've met you, my love grows strong than ever before (oh My love)
Words can't say of this time I've been waiting to share my love with you (Aishiteru!)
I'd give you my life, I would give you the world to see you smiling every day (smiling every day)
One hundred million and two thousand years from now, Aishiteiru! (Aishiteiru!) (I Will Still Love You!)
I want you to know since you came in my life every day, every night you give light into the darkest skies (skies)
(skies) (Aquarion) (twelve thousand years)

All these twelve thousand years, I've been loving you


  • * - This stanza is sung in Japanese, therefore, the English translations are italicized
  • ** - "taiyou" is " the sun" in Japanese
  • *** - "aishiteru" is generally "I love you" in Japanese