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Sousei no Aquarion Original Soundtrack, also known as the Genesis of Aquarion Original Soundtrack, is the official soundtrack of the Genesis of Aquarion series. It contains 18 songs which are all featured in the anime. The artists featured in the album are Yoko Kanno, Yoko Kanno Seatbelts, Yui Makino, AKINO from bless4, Artur Stefanowicz, Michelle, Aoi Tada, the warsaw chorus, Jerry kentig, and Gabriela Robin, a pseudonym Yoko Kanno uses to write songs mixing English and Japanese freely.

Track List[]

  1. Sousei no Aquarion Onii-sama to (performed by AKINO)
  2. Aquarious
  3. High Spirit (performed by the Yoko Kanno Seatbelts)
  4. Macho Battle
  5. Carthage Nova (performed by Artur Stefanowicz)
  6. Max Bomber Girl
  7. Ibarinbou Apollo
  8. Michelle (performed by Michelle)
  9. Tori ni Natte (performed by Aoi Tada)
  10. Kikai Tenshi Aquarion
  11. Brown Horses
  12. Dragon Reika
  13. Pride ~Nageki no Tabi~ (perfomed by AKINO)
  14. Sal (performed by the warsaw chorus)
  15. Sei Aquarion (preformed by Jerry kentig)
  16. Kouya no Heath (preformed by AKINO)
  17. Omna Magni (performed by Aoi Tada)
  18. Kedama (preformed by Gabriela Robin)


  • "Sousei no Aquarion Onii-sama to" is the first opening theme from the anime.
  • "Omna Magni" is the ending theme from the anime.
  • "Ibarinbou Apollo" is Apollo's theme from the anime.
  • "Dragon Reika" is Reika's theme from the anime.