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A close friend of Sirius and Reika , the three were the first Element Users to perform a successful Unification, but this partnership ends abruptly when an accident puts Glen in a coma. Sirius and Reika regularly visited him in the DEAVA medical bay, until he mysteriously disappeared.

In the Anime[]

After mysteriously disappearing from DEAVA's medical bay, it is discovered that he is being used to pilot the New United Nations Military Vectors (individually alongside one of Futaba's feathers to operate the Vectors) against the Shadow Angels when Aquarion was out-of-action due to Sirius' recent defection along with Vector Mars. It is revealed that his disappearance is caused by a voluntary operation to graft Shadow Angel feathers (taken from a captured and mutilated Futaba) to his person to combat the Shadow Angels themselves. This is seen in bad taste by both Humans and Shadow Angels. It is shown in flashbacks that the feathers used on Glen caused severe reactions at first, forcing Glen to undergo extreme measures to contain his psychological reaction (in turn removing more of his personality making him more of a military machine). 

In the battle against Sirius in Cherubim Mars, Glen's enhancements allowed him to quickly switch between Aquarion Alpha , Delta and Omega, as well as pilot all three forms with a relenting assault on Sirius. However, due to the emotions Silvia transferred into Vector Omega, it was forced to separate. Glen was initially ordered to prevent Silvia from reuniting with her brother (out of fear of her betrayal) before she merged with Reika and Apollo to form Aquarion Angel. After the battle against Sirius, the pilots and vectors were returned to their respective bases (though DEVA kept Omega to replace the missing Mars).

During the climactic confrontation between the Humans and the Shadow Angels over Atlandia, Glen led the assault to Atlandia through the barrier openeing created by the DEVA Elements (this time along side living co-pilots). After battling countless Cherbuim units, a few of the mass produced Military Vectors were destroyed. Glen then orders his unit to create the Armageddon Formation to assault the Atlandian castle. This initiates a responce fromMoroha, who is in his own trademark Cheribum Iskuron, which resembles the Shadow Angel himself. Moroha began to wipe out the other Military Aquarions and then immobilizes Glen, at which point he is saved by Reika. This leads Moroha to target Reika but she is defended by Glen after he remembers her and breaks free of the eye unit which held back his personality. At first, Moroha gains the upper hand, devastating the Element User beyond bearable perimeters. But Glen, in a surprise tactic, channels all of his energy through both his body, the

Sousei no Aquarion ep23 1

Glen after his modifications with Futaba's wings.

Military Vectors, and the Shadow Angel Feathers grafted to his face, to bring about a full scale explosion that envelops a vast percentage of the land, killing both himself and Moroha in the process. It was likely that this move was a last resort tactic and Glen knew exactly what he was doing, as his soul quietly briefly vised Reika in the Vector Luna. While she cried out to him, he quietly smiled back before vanishing into the afterlife.


Little is seen of Glen, however he has silver hair, gray eyes, and a teal bodysuit with gray wrist guards that he wears while in a Vector or piloting the Assault Aqaurion.


Very little is know about his personality, but he is shown to be very kind, especially to Reika.


Glen is shown to be a dear friend to Reika, and he gave her a charm to ward away Reika's so-called "bad luck", which she treasures dearly.

Sirius de Alisia[]

Little is know about Glen's relationship with Sirius, but the two appeared to be friends before the events of episode 1: Memories of Heavenly Wings, when he wound up comatose.