Genesis of Aquarion Wiki

The "Head Element" is a term to describe the Element who is in the "head" of Mechanical Angel Aquarion, and therefore in control. Underneath the "head", you have the "arms" who control the arms and rear of Aquarion. Below the arms are the "legs", controlled by the third Element User.


For Solar Aquarion:[]

For Aquarion Luna:[]

  • Vector Luna is the Head Element
  • Vector Mars makes the arms
  • Vector Sol make the feet

For Aquarion Mars:[]

  • Vector Mars is the Head Element
  • Vector Sol makes the arms
  • Vector Luna make the feet

For Aquarion Alpha:[]

  • Vector Alpha makes the Head
  • Vector Delta makes the arms
  • Vector Omega makes the feet
    • Aquarion Alpha can switch to its Assault Walker Formation without separating
      • The Assault Walker Formation turns Aquarion into a vehicle formation used for speed that appears as a jet-like machine with two legs.

For Aquarion Delta:[]

  • Vector Delta makes the Head
  • Vector Omega makes the back
  • Vector Alpha makes the feet

For Aquarion Omega:[]

  • Vector Omega makes the Head
  • Vector Alpha makes the arms
  • Vector Delta makes the feet
    • Aquarion Omega can switch to its Armageddon Formation without separating
      • The Armageddon Formation turns Aquarion into a 6-legged walker with Vector Alpha's PSG Cannon mounted on top, similar to a tank.
        • This formation exists so the PSG Cannon can be able to fire at its maximum capability with a stable footing.

For Aquarion EVOL:[]

For Aquarion Gepard:[]

  • Vector X makes the Head Element
  • Vector Z makes the arms
  • Vector Y make the fet

For Aquarion Spada:[]

  • Vector Y makes the Head Element
  • Vector X makes the arms
  • Vector Z make the feet