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Izumo Kamurogi (イズモ・カムロギ, Izumo Kamurogi) is the commander of the Altair forces.


He is a middle-aged man with medium-long grey hair, and a goatee. He has sharp blue eyes, and they glow when he activates his powers, as seen when he countered Mikage's psychic powers.

In a flashback, is shown that in his youth he had slightly shorter, brown hair.


Izumo normally handles himself with a somber, calm demeanor. As the leader of Altair's forces, he presents himself as an imposing, yet somewhat distant man, however he genuinely cares about Altair and his men and tries his best to keep his land afloat despite their hardships. He is cold and calculative: he knows when to retreat from a battle when the odds are against him, as well as when to boldly step into the battlefield himself when he feels it's necessary. He is patriotic for Altair and would give his life to save his country and his men, as well as his mother's legacy.

Flashbacks show that he has a warmer side to him that emerges when he's around Alicia. Despite his usual cold demeanor, he worries about the child he conceived with Alicia and is fiercely protective of her. In his lasts moments, it's hinted that Izumo struggled with feelings of regret regarding his family, choosing to take Alicia away from Amata, all in order to save Altair.


(See Relationships: Alicia)


He has powers that are almost similar to those used by Vega's element users. He proved to be a far stronger and more experienced pilot than his subordinates, making use of his personal machine Ahura Gnis to easily deflect all attacks used against it.


Picture 4

Izuma and sleeping Alicia.

Alicia Sora[]

Izumo and Alicia first met when Izumo's abductor crashed when he was sent to Vega to search for Rare Iguras. Alicia tended to his wounds at the scene, and over time he quickly realized she was the rare igura he was searching for, and before he knew, he had fallen in love with her. The preceded to have a life on Vega as Alicia became an actress and Skies of Aquaria was released, at some point during this Alicia became pregnant with Amata.

Izumo had contemplated betraying Altair for Alicia, but Mikage saw through this and convinced him to bring Alicia back (who was willing to go if it would help Izumo). To prevent the effects of Altair's curse, Alicia was held in stasis. Izumo would constantly think of Alicia over the remainder of his life, even to the point of dropping his guard to rush to her aid. In his dying moments, he (alongside Amata) reflected on his family's relationships and joined Alicia's spirit as they died in encouraging Amata with their hopes.


Izumo is Amata's father. After 10 years, they finally meet each other during the war between Altair and Vega. Amata, who had yearned for a family ever since Alicia abducted, upon learning that Izumo is his father and that Alicia is alive, wishes for them to be a family again. This, however, was crushed by Izumo and Alicia's death at the hands of Mikage moments later. Amata calls Izumo "Dad" moments before his death, showing that he indeed accepted him as his father and forgives him, and was in fact enraged at his death.

Though Izumo feels regret for taking Alicia away from Amata, he feels he cannot ask for his forgiveness. After his death, his spirit approves and encourages him along with Alicia.


Kagura, being the split half of Amata, is also Izumo's son. Though Izumo was aware that Alicia gave birth to his child, he was unaware of Kagura's existence as the other half of his son, and thus never treated Kagura as anything but another subordinate of his army, one that he particularly dislikes. Izumo is constantly annoyed at Kagura's recklessness and stubbornness to not follow his orders, and Kagura is often dismissive of Izumo's orders, hating being bossed around. They often clash because of their contrasting personalities. Yet, Izumo admits that Kagura reminds him of himself in his youth, forfeiting everything and everyone to be with the woman he loves, showing that they're not that different from each other.

It's shown that he was aware of Mikage's constant torture of Kagura, but chose to ignore it. It's unknown whether he would have treated Kagura differently had he known that he is is son, given that he never finds out about his true identity. Upon learning that he is his father, Kagura doesn't seem to care, as Izumo never acted like a father figure to him, and did nothing to stop Mikage from tormenting him.

Mikage Towano[]

Izumo harbors a deep hatred for Mikage Towano. Mikage appears to have forced him to retrieve the first rare igura, Alicia. Izumo instinctively doesn't trust him, believing him to only want ruin and despair, and being correct about it once Mikage's true intentions reveal themselves later. Mikage and Izumo seem to be in a constant struggle of power, Mikage constantly sabotaging Izumo's plans whenever he deems it fit, or killing Jin and staging it as an accident to the people of Altair.

Mikage constantly uses Alicia (and occasionally Amata) to blackmail him into going along with him, threatening to kill Alicia or hurt his child if he doesn't comply to his plans, enraging Izumo. Because of this, he's constrained to Mikage's plans, not being able to stop Kagura from going to Vega because Mikage allows him to, or unable to save Jin when Mikage killed him.

In the end, Mikage takes his life along with Alicia, and Izumo dies thinking all of his efforts to save Altair were for nothing, until he sees life is thriving again outside of Ianthe, his hope for the future restored again.


  • Izumo is one of the few pilots that is never seen wearing a pilot suit, the others being Kagura and Crea.
  • In an unofficial popularity poll made by BigGlobe during the show's airing time, Izumo ranked 13th place with 227 votes.
  • While is confirmed that he is Amata's father, it's never clearly stated whether he and Alicia are formally married. No wedding ceremony of any kind was shown in the flashbacks, so while she is stated to be his lover, they have no official union. This could further explain why Amata has Alicia's surname and not Izumo's. It's also possible that they couldn't marry due to Izumo's relationship with Alicia being treated as an affair and a secret to everyone back at Altair.
  • He is shown to be rather fond of books, and is annoyed when Kagura's screams don't let him read.
  • His powers seem to be a mislead as to what kind of leader he is: his ability is that of shutting down other element's powers, an ability fit for a tyrant to oppress his people. Yet Izumo is respected by his men and never shows any signs of oppressing his people.
  • Interviews reveal that Kagura never mourned Izumo's death, unlike Amata who was devastated after it.