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Jin Muso (ジン・ムソウ, Jin Musō) is the only Element user originally from Altair. He was Izumo's second in command who prefered in employing furtive tactics against his opponents. He managed to infiltrate the Neo-DEAVA academy as a transfer student under the name Akbarjin Batbayar, but coincidentally, the other students nicknamed him Jin. There he became attached and fell in love with Yunoha Thrul and awakened his element power while trying to protect her from an energy blast.


Jin Muso is a young man with medium long green hair and grey eyes.


He is calm and a good analyst, his quick thinking allows him to execute his attacks and strategies perfectly. He is also a sharpshooter.


As the last Altairan born before the death of all women on the planet, he is usually called as the "last son of Altair" by Izumo. He performs three skirmishes on Vega, one remote and two present, as part of Altair's reconnaissance on Vega. In all instances, he is defeated by Neo-DEAVA one way or another.

Mission on Vega[]

After being defeated in battle by Aquarion EVOL's No Guard Attack, Jin survived and contacted Izumo who issued him new orders to infiltrate the Neo-DEAVA, identify & capture a potential "eve" and, if possible, steal a vector. At this stage, Jin managed to use a computer to adopt the identity of Akbarjin Batbayar, a transfer student. Despite knowing he is not who he claims to be, both Fudo and Crea view Jin's power as an invaluable asset to the team (even when Suomi & Donar advised otherwise). During his time in the school he began to fear women as being fearful & strong, influenced heavily by Mix burying Andy and Sumoi removing Donar's hand. He also wanders into the girls changing room where he is accused of being a peeper before being defended by Yunoha, who seemed to understand Jin being lost as she herself was a transfer student. He then met Yunoha again in the library, envying her ability to become "alone" (via her invisibility). As their conversation continued Yunoha began to cry, which is a later report to Izumo he stated as woman's "power" and his "defeat". Though a loner he befriended many of the main cast during his time in the academy, aside from Cayenne who distrusted Jin (due to his visions and Shrade's warning). During an expedition to the girls' dorm he attempts to talk to Yunoha before being attacked by Cayenne with a stun gun. When Yunoha was almost shot when defending Jin, Jin's Element powers awakened forming an isolating barrier. He is temporarily detained for attempting to enter the girls dorms.

On the Holy Angel Academy's 12th anniversary Jin attempted to contact Izumo about his mission, though he could not due to Kagura's rampage on Altair. Yunoha overheard the conversation (whilst not hearing the specifics), which causes Jin to panic and accidentally tear her doll. After sticking it back up and apologizing he is invited to watch the Skies of Aquaria with Yunoha. Prior to Kagura's attack on Neo-DEAVA, Izumo managed to contact Jin's devised warning of the attack and ordered him to take his "eve" with him and return to Altair, though this warning was instead heard by Yunoha. When Kagura attacks Jin attempts to forcefully take Yunoha to Altair, who admits to hearing the message on his device before fainting from the stress of the attack. He then proceeds to hijack a vector and fly it with Yunoha inside through the dimensional gate to Altair, however Yunoha urges Jin not to go due to his making friends on Vega, something not part of his mission. He later returns and defects to Neo-DEAVA, revealing his true name and nature to his comrades before entering a union with Zessica and Cayenne (and Yunoha due to her presence in the vector) to form Aquarion Gepard. At this stage Mikage Towano appeared as a psychic vision inside the vector, almost choking Yunoha due to Jin's betrayal. Jin used his element to repel Mikage but was then touched by Mikage on his forehead and began to bleed, he then reassured Yunoha saying that he would not die from that injury and that he never wants to see her tears.

He proceeded to fight alongside Aquarion Spada (formed by Mikono's, Amata's & Shrade's union) against Kagura, with his passion causing Gepard to evolve and develop new weaponry including the Dimension Shutting Cannon (空間断絶砲 Dimenshon Shattingu Kyanon). Jin and Yunoha proceeded to use their powers and the Dimension Shutting Cannon to close the gate to Altair, cutting off Kagura's power source to allow their allies to defeat him. He fell to misfortune when a thorn appeared in the previous wound inflicted by Mikage, killing him. Before he died he attempted to pass his device to Yunoha which had a recording of his voice on it, revealing his true feelings to her as it accidentally dropped and began playing. He then died with Yunoha in his arms screaming.

Post Mortem[]

After his death, Jin's influence is still shown. On Altair Izumo confronted Mikage Towano about his reasoning for sacrificing Jin, to which Mikage responded that Jin would be pleased as to how he has helped their cause and merits the data he collected. As Mikage announced Jin's death to the people of Altair (excluding his defection and true reasons for it), Izumo mourns Jin's death and expresses his regrets. Meanwhile on Vega, Jin's & the other fallen students' funeral proceedings were underway. Yunoha, the closest to Jin, was deeply affected by his death, to the point her powers were leading her to almost erase herself from existence before being stopped by Mikono. On the boat to the burial grounds, two female students decided to leave Neo-DEAVA due to the deaths, whilst many other characters completed life and death as well as it's effects. During their "Grave Training" the main students began to accept their deaths and wished to never live, before Mikono's powers of connection allowed them to hear Jin's true feelings, leading to their "rebirth".


His element power the power to isolate, which allows him to create energy barriers. When combined with Yunoha's ability to (in essence) nullify her existence, they shared the ability to remove objects from existence entirely (becoming the Dimension Shutting Cannon in Aquarion).


Kagura Demuri[]

Kagura and Jin were comrades in the Altairan military. Jin was the first person Kagura would tell when he found his "wench." When Kagura's antics endangered the mission, Jin would appear to rescue him from the fire, despite Kagura's wishes.

Izumo Kamurogi[]

Izumo is Jin's superior on Altair. He would supervise Jin's training and simulations, meriting him on his work. Being his superior Izumo would order Jin on skirmishes to Vega. Izumo would also discuss the events of the series alongside Jin, including Kagura's actions and behavior. Izumo did seem to treat Jin higher than some of the other members of the Altarian race, and showed a sense of value in him (demonstrated by his pleasure seeing that he survived his 3rd encounter with Neo-DEAVA). Izumo also shows more personal emotions towards Jin, given that he warned Jin to leave Vega prior to Kagura's attack, and mourned Jin's death whilst being angry at Mikage for sacrificing him. After Jin's death Izumo would occasionally think out loud as if he were talking to Jin.

Neo-DEAVA Elements[]

Though many initially formed negative opinions towards him due to his reserved nature (especially with the females), he eventually warmed to them. He was seen buying photo's from Sazanka Bianca but at the price of having his photo taken for the other girls. Shrade also noted how his "sound" was unusual and wavering at first, but was changing (mimicking Jin's own feelings to the students). He was seen alongside the regular Elements in their meeting about the 12th anniversary of the academy.

Yunoha Thrul[]

When Jin infiltrated Neo-DEAVA, the first person he befriended was Yunoha. Believing that Yunoha is the "True Eve" the Altairans are desperately looking for, he plans to make use of Kagura's sudden invasion of Neo-DEAVA's academy to take her with him to his home planet.

His identity as a spy is revealed when he dropped his personal communication device, which Yunoha picked up and heard the messages from Altair. Upon finding out that he was discovered, along with the fact that Yunoha did not consult anyone about the matter yet, he tries to secretly take Yunoha to Altair as the rest of the Elements were fighting Kagura, who had just initiated a surprise attack. Due to his love for her, however, he decided not to and helps his new friends defeat Kagura. At the last minute, Mikage kills him for this betrayal. Jin's last words are a confession of love, before he dies in Yunoha's arms.

Even when dead, during the Grave training, his spirit is "revived", and he is able to tell the Elements his thoughts. He tells Yunoha specifically that she shouldn't let herself feel so down just because of his death, but instead live on because he will always be with her.

Andy W. Hole & Amata Sora[]

Of the males in Neo-DEAVA, Jin seemed closest to Andy & Amata. They are also the two involved with "nicknaming" him Jin (due to their struggle in calling him Akbarjin). Early on in his days at the academy Andy wanted to recruit Jin to become the third "digging brother", which he succeeds in doing when Jin wanted to visit Yunoha. Both were seen mourning his death at his funeral, along with taking his body to the grave. They were also both connected to him via Mikono's Element during their "Grave training". Amata and Jin both held feelings towards Amata's mother Alicia, with both of them stating it was simply a fandom rather than the true, deeper emotions.

Cayenne Suzushiro[]

Cayenne was at first impartial to Jin, treating him in his usual demeanor when giving him a tour of the academy. He later became weary of Jin, due to his own visions of a one-eyed giant as well as Shrade's comments on Jin's "sound". this distrust manifested when he followed Jin to the girls dorm and assaulted him with a stun gun. Through a series of events they were both detained in neighboring rooms as punishment where Cayenne voiced his distrust towards Jin. When Kagura attacked and Jin stole a vector Cayenne was heard in the control room still holding his negative emotions and continued to distrust him even on Jin's return to aid Neo-DEAVA. However he did form a union with Jin after hearing both Jin's and Yunoha's feelings, seeming to accept Jin as an ally. This was short-lived as Jin soon died, something which was seen to affect Cayenne at the funeral whilst in conversation with Shrade


  • Throughout the show, Jin often quotes lyrics from Genesis of Aquarion's second opening, Go Tight!.
  • He is killed in Episode 13 by Mikage.
    Jin in ED theme

    Jin in ED theme

  • His artwork was added to the 1st ending credits video (Gekkō Symphonia ) only after his death. Also if the 2nd ending song (Yunoha no Mori ) was to be considered Yunoha's feelings, the lyrics could be considered to refer to Jin.
  • While their general personalities are different, his aptitude with technology and love of idols (Alicia) give him a close resemblance to Jun Lee from the original series.
  • Jin alongside Shrade are one of many special characters who survive there canon death in SRW Z3 despite being secret characters in Jigoku-Hen which requires the player to met requirements for there survival only to be alive by Tengoku-Hen.