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Jun Lee is the resident otaku of the Aquarion pilots. He excels in handling computers and machines and although he rarely enters into battle, Jun spends most of the time operating the computers in DEAVA 's control room.


Jun wears a long-sleeved with a blue tie with a yellow-green vest on top. He wears green pants with a belt and blue sneakers. On his face are a pair of glasses, and on his left hand, he has a silver watch-like computer.


He and Reika gave Tsugumi the support that she needed to break the barrier in the episode Heaven's Gate. In the episode called Element School, he hacked into DEAVA's system and learned about the events from 12,000 years ago. He may look like just a nerd, but he's a very adaptive smart person among some of his other fellow classmates. He even tries to asses situations using his watch-like gadget.


  • Mind Eye Photography: Jun can see through solid objects with this technique, allowing him to quickly target the weak points of enemies. It is shown in the series in The First Merge that he could see Tsugumi's heart, assessing that her heart could be used to destroy the Cherubim Soldier that was bringing chaos to the city.