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The architect of the Shadow Angels, he designs and creates the countless number of Cherubim Soldiers DEAVA does battle with.


Lensi is always seem in some kind of dome-like clothes that are yellow and blue with green gems. He wears a blue mask with what appears to be some kind of red colored goggles where his eyes are. He also has four arms, as well has wings on his head.


Not much is known about Lensi, however he seems to have a passion for creating Cherubim Soldiers and like the other Shadow Angels, he hates the "wingless ones", or the humans of Earth.


  • It is said Lensi possesses the fingers of God.
  • He is usually seen with Moroha, watching the battle between Aquarion and Lensi's creations.
  • He tweaks and repairs all the Shadow Angel's personal Cherubim Soldiers.