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A dark-skinned male whose powers are still unknown. He is one of the students together with Amata and Cayenne who participated in the Mock Exam.


Malloy is a young dark-skinned man with short black hair and purple eyes. He wears earrings and blue framed glasses.


Malloy is cool-headed and except his stylish appearance, he doesn't attempt to stand out. He was very excited when it was time to show his abilities. Like most of the boys, he was also excited that they will start fighting together with the girls and Unite, but unlike some others, he is more easily able to refrain himself from the excitement.


Molley came in the academy where he like the rest of the boys got trained by Donar Dantes. Together with Amata and Cayenne, he participated in the Mock Exam. When the students decided to sit together and mix the female and male students, he got teamed up with Aye Chang. When they were made to visit Neo-Kowloon as sort of a date to get used with the girls, he was teamed up with Aika and Mist.


  • The Curse of Malloy (脆弱力, Seijakuryoku). It destroys the stability of any material, making it shatter at any impact.