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A mysterious entity who was sleeping in a crystalline coffin, he awakened from stasis at the beginning of the war. This strange, otherworldly being is Izumo's co-conspirator, Kagura's foster father and mentor, and acts as the spiritual leader to the people of Altair.


Mikage bears resemblance to Toma. He has a long feather-like white hair with purple eyes and two colorful wings on his head, which he usually does not show.


Mikage is a sadist and is not only fascinated but also entertained by messing with people’s emotions and affection. Examples of this include kidnapping Donar's lover with such force than he is dismembered, torturing Kagura with thorny vines while forcing him to watch Mikono suffer, and using psychotropic drugs on Jin's comrades when they are mourning his apparent demise.


Apparently, he "prefers beautiful things." He was among the Altairan leadership when Vega was first discovered.

He was born 12,000 years ago from Toma's death throes when he realized that he'd been tricked by Apollonius. Mikage's subsequent actions towards the reincarnations of Apollonius and Pollon are motivated by love. As he is the "Shadow of Love," however, his affection manifests as insane obsessions and casual acts of cruelty. Because his own love was denied, he seeks to destroy the love of others in vengeance.


Mikage possesses the powers of flight, astral projection, telekinesis, and the opening of warp gates.

Kagura Demuri[]

Mikage's protégé, who looked up to him and awaited his reawakening. Mikage would later use psychological torture in order to awaken his latent element powers.

Izumo Kamurogi[]

Because of his duplicitous and unpredictable nature, Izumo distrusts Mikage and accuses him of wanting the "True Eve" for himself.


  • He has wings on his head, just like Toma from Genesis of Aquarion.
  • Mikage is personally responsible for Jin Muso's death, as a result of the boy's defection. He used this opportunity to spin-doctor the boy as a martyr for the Altairan people.