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Mikono Suzushiro (ミコノ・スズシロ, Mikono Suzushiro) is the main female protagonist of Aquarion EVOL. She is the younger sister of Cayenne and the love interest of Amata Sora.

In episode 23, it is revealed that Mikono is the reincarnation of Silvia de Alisia and Celiane.


Mikono has violet hair that is arranged into a bun in the back with two bangs framing the sides of her face with a hair ornament that is actually her pet cat hiding inside her hair and green eyes with a hint of yellow.

Her clothes is a dress shirt, a waistcoat with dress strap shoulders, a pink ribbon, and a 2-layer pleated mini-skirt which is pink with black underneath. She also wears a pair of violet-red thigh-high boots.


Mikono is a kind girl, but thinks she is very weak from the start of the series. She often became jealous over nothing and quick-tempered. Her Element Power is to connect people's hearts.


Mikono is the younger sister of Cayenne Suzushiro. The Suzushiro family was a family known for being Elements. However Mikono never developed any powers. As a result she became very timid and shy, often staying inside the house. Besides this, she was afraid of the Abductors to the point that she wouldn't leave the house without her brother.


As a child Mikono, never developed any abilities, but in Aquarion EVOL Episode 9, it was said by Fudo that her power was unification or to connect with other Elements. In Episode 14, it is shown that she can even speak with the dead.


Amata Sora[]

Mikono possesses romantic feelings for Amata Sora. At the beginning of the series, she didn't not know how to tell him her feelings, although their feelings were basically mutual. On many occasions, while there were moments that showed her being attracted to Kagura, Mikono loves Amata more. Eventually, they are both able to tell their feelings at the end of the series.

Kagura Demuri[]

Mikono is also torn by her feelings for Kagura, a stranger who gives her a sense of deja vu. She inexplicably "knows" that he wants to protect her and feels obligated to "apologize" to him for some form of a past event. In the end, while she was attracted to Kagura, she is full in love with Amata.

Zessica Wong[]

Mikono has a friendship with Zessica Wong, but was jealous of Zessica's intentions toward Amata. Due to the fact that Zessica acts when Mikono is too shy to, some of the other girls of Neo-DEAVA recommended that she act more if she wanted to ward off Zessica from Amata.

Cayenne Suzushiro[]

Mikono's relationship with her brother Cayenne is complicated. While Cayenne tells Amata that she was so timid she refused to leave the house without him beside her, she herself tells him that she felt trapped at home and wanted to experience life outside. This is likely a miscommunication made as siblings.


  • Mikono is the reincarnation of Silvia de Alisia and Celiane.
  • Mikono never wanted to apologize to Kagura Demuri, but the part of her soul that is Celiane wanted to apologize to Pollon, as she was unaware that Pollon was in love with her.
  • In a popularity poll made by BigGlobe during the show's airing time, Mikono ranked 12th with 1131 votes.
  • Yuki Kaji, Amata's voice actor, showed preference for Zessica over Mikono.
  • In the shows' initial sketches, Mikono was meant to be a military otaku, though this concept was discarded in favor of her final appearance.
  • Mikono's card is the Queen of Hearts, as shown by Fudo. In the official Aquarion EVOL deck of cards, she's illustrated this way.
  • Despite being the show's main heroine, Mikono ranks the lowest in popularity polls for the female cast, only ranking above Silvia de Alisia and Shushu (Mikono's pet cat).