Romanji Mikkusu
Gender Female
Height 172cm
Eyes Blue
Hair Yellow
Personal Status
Race Human
Age 19
Relatives Unnamed Father
Professional Status
Affiliation Neo-DEAVA
Occupation Aquarion Pilot
First Appearance
Anime Debut Aquarion Evol Episode 1
Japanese Voice Ayumi Fujimura
English Voice Alexis Tipton

A strict and serious student who initially shows disgust towards the opposite sex; she claims that men are unneeded to battle the Abductors, she truly believes in her work at Neo-DEAVA and eventually opens up to the idea of working with the male populace at Neo-DEAVA. Andy W. Hole is usually the most annoyed by her misandry despite his finding her to be very attractive.



Mix in her usual Uniform and Glaring frowny face

Yellow hair with purple highlights, Blue eyes and what Andy describes as "large cannons"(breasts)


Being of a strict and serious persona, She follows the school regulations and admires the old school regulations written in an old student handbook, similar to a conservative Japanese school, found by Andy. Due to Andy being the joker of the class, she pays little, or even no, respect to him. After her first union with a guy she starts to treat Andy better but still gets into some petty arguments with him.


Her father was a writer for a magazine, writing reviews and guides for sightseeing attractions. Her father fell in love with a woman he met at the little hole-in-a-wall bathhouse hinting that her father left her for another woman. Due to the tragedy involving her father, she became disgusted with men and doesn't want to talk about her father, she also hates holes because of it. She has a habit of filling holes as a result.


Her Element power is the opposite of Andy's Element power, the ability to close any type of holes. She is the one responsible for filling up and closing the holes dug by Andy. Although it feels like a habit, Mix feels to close the holes and for Andy to not cause any trouble around any other element around the Deava.



It is seen in episode 24 that she is deeply in love with him although they do get into their ocassional arguments. It always looks like a love/hate relationship between them.

Mikono Suzushiro

Zessica Wong

Time on Altair


Mixy (boy)

While having been kidnapped to Altair, Mix underwent a temporary sex change as a result of the curse. This also included her memories to be altered and her adopting the name Mixy. She also enrolled as a Pilot for the Altarian army during her time there. The effects soon wore off once she returned to Vega, with her gender and personality returning to their original form.


  • In one episode she was required to use a hole punch, which greatly displeased her.
  • Mi-xy, her name at some time at Altair, is a reference to the XY Chromosomes, a pair of Chromosomes that identifies a male.
  • When Mix returned to her original form on Vega, it is inferred that she had to re-undergo Puberty.