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A Shadow Angel warrior "who knows no equal", Moroha is the only Shadow Angel who enjoys fighting.


Unlike the other Shadow Angels , Moroha resembles an insect; he has six eyes (the bottom four covered by a thick grey scarf), horns and insect-like wings on his back that don't seem to have feathers.


He prides himself as being the strongest warrior alive and enjoys toying with his opponents, gauging their strength. He doubts Toma's ability to kill Solar Wing , occasionally criticizing him for it. Despite his ruthless, and cruel tendencies, he is not completely heartless, showing sadness and horror in his eyes when the Child Angel Futaba was killed.

In the Anime[]

In the anime, Moroha does battle with Glen during the final battle over Atlandia, where the Element User channels tremendous power though his vector, sacrificing himself to kill the sociopathic Shadow Angel in a full scale shock-wave of pure, destructive energy. Moroha dies cursing humanity, saying they will never survive.