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NESTA (ネスタ) is the main enemy organization in Aquarion LOGOS.


To the public, NESTA stands as an IT conglomerate founded by CEO Sogon Kenzaki to global-handle all of humanity's foreign languages. As such its business expanded spontaneously from providing multiple internet services while lately dealing with heavy machinery and genetic research for Sogon's ultimate goal to "control all written culture". Its main headquarters is in West Shinjuku.


The minions of NESTA the MJBK (pronounced Mojibake) are monsters formed from the Logos World upon a text receiving his mystical syringes spawned from his book of magic. Upon formation the text they form in the real world will dissipate following their birth before using their meaning to cause physical destruction. Upon reaching full power the MJBK will erase the concept of their meaning in the collective minds of humanity, irreparably damaging their ability to communicate and think.